maybe i was finally getting a good night's rest, because i didn't wake up early again this morning like i've been doing ever since i moved back to the master bedroom. instead when i checked my watch, it was already 9am. in fact, it was my scheduled morning heating that woke me up. unlike yesterday, DC didn't wake up early, so once again our mornings were running into each other. i used the bathroom and heard him waking up to prepare for work. asians don't typically take day showers (they normally shower at nights) so DC's morning routine was quick. he also doesn't eat breakfast. he left by 9:30am. that's when i went back to the bathroom to have my morning poop in peace before taking a shower.

my mother called me this morning. i thought it was to ask me to come into work because my sister came down with food poisoning, but instead she wanted me to get a few things from market basket. by the time i delivered to the cafe around noontime, it got really busy and i ended up staying until 1:30pm filling out orders. i cooked two batches of black noodles and boiled 20 tea eggs. i ate some more roasted chestnuts from last night, most of them were moldy on the inside. my father finally brought the tempura frying pot and used it to fry some salt & pepper chicken. he said it was okay, but it also splattered, so he was still thinking about investing in a self-cleaning fryer.

i went to home depot first to get some exterior paint. the 123 primer was okay for a primer, but i wanted something that was both primer and paint. last night i looked up home depot's paint selection, and saw some behr exterior paints that might be good. they only sold them by the gallon online, but i saw they had quart-sized in the store. i ended up getting a container of behr ultra exterior stain-blocking paint & primer in flat pure white 4850 ($24.98). the paint can be applied between 35°-90° and needs just 4 hours to dry, though can be exposed to rain showers after an hour when temperatures are above 60°. i protects against sunlight, moisture, and mildew, and can be cleaned with just soap and water.

i got to my parents' place by 2pm. it was another warm day, and i stripped down to my t-shirt to work. so this is the plan: instead of replacing the rotten molding, i'm just going to paint over the exterior window frame (a literal white-wash). with temperatures dropping by next week, we've basically ran out of time to do any more exterior work. come spring-summer, we'll remove and replace the damaged molding and repaint. i've already caulked all the necessary parts, so there shouldn't be any further damage.

after a bit of light sanding on a wood-filler patched area in the molding, i started painting. i was finished after less than half an hour. i also scraped off some peeling paint from the exterior frame of the living room window and did a bit of caulking (requiring just 30 minutes of dry time before painting). before i left i came out and painted over this area as well.

i spent the rest of my time in the basement, cleaning up the area for the home depot appliance delivery guys coming on saturday to drop off the new LG washer and dryer and to remove the old dryer. my parents will keep the old washer and move it to the cafe basement for future use. once the area was cleaned, i rotated the dryer so i could open up the back and inspect the blower fan. there was a bit of dust, but nothing that would prevent the dryer from working. all signs point to a busted motor, which can be replaced, but the dryer is already 20+ years old, and hard to say what else might be wrong with it. a part of me isn't too happy that we're replacing it just because it's old - as an old person myself, i don't like that mentality.

i left belmont by 3:30pm. due to traffic, i didn't get back home until almost 4pm. i didn't eat all day but because it was already so close to dinner time, i decided to wait. besides, i wasn't that hungry anyway. i did however go across the street and get some chips on sale from star market. before dinner arrived, i did finish a bag of spicy plantain chips, not my finest moment.

i made dinner around 6:30pm, an avocado egg bacon bagel sandwich. i think i must've ate the whole thing in under a minute: as soon as i sat down, i got back up again to return the empty plate to the kitchen sink. DC came home around 7:30pm. once again he must've ate out because he didn't make any dinner. i don't think he's preparing to do any cooking in the 2 weeks that he's here. which is frankly fine with me, but i've never had a roommate like that before. not even drinks in the fridge, i have no idea if he's sufficiently hydrating. i did see some junk food piled on the desk in his bedroom though, but i didn't look too carefully, didn't want to invade his privacy, while i closed the bedroom door because i was about to cook. at 9pm i heard him talking in his room, must've been his daily conference call with his former china coworkers.