i woke up at 6:30am this morning. my relatives needed to be down at the back bay sheraton by 8:30am, for a 9am departure on their tour. my father was arriving at 7:45am to drive them into boston. i figured they'd be up early to pack up their things and get ready, but i was actually the first person up this morning. my cousin came into the living room to grab her computer, and was surprised to see me already awake. "did you go to sleep last night?" she asked. my cousin told me she decided they wouldn't have to leave until 8:15am, and asked me to tell my father not to come so early. but by the time i checked his location, he'd already left the house. he arrived right on schedule - 7:45am - only to learn that our guests weren't ready to leave just yet. he'd also brought some breakfast bagels so they all had a bit to eat and drink before finally leaving. i purposely went out earlier and took the cover off my motorcycle so i could show it off. it wasn't raining, and probably 10 degrees warmer than yesterday, but it was very foggy. after helping load the suitcases into the back of the car, i waved good bye to them. before they left, my cousin asked if i had any tissue packets in the house. i didn't, but i gave her a whole box of kleenex for the road.

with that they were gone. first thing i did was to turn the heat back down. i discovered the heat actually wasn't on last night, that it default to my scheduled setting, which is to turn down the temp. fortunately it didn't get very cold, was still 70 degrees. i took a quick peek around the house to see if they left anything behind. there was an empty pink backpack, but i think it belongs to my mother. otherwise, they'd taken everything. there was one more breakfast bagel left in the kitchen i ended up eating. i called my mother to let her know they'd gone, she was still asleep. after nearly two weeks of non-stop bathroom renovations then a whirlwind multi-day cleaning session, i could finally let out a sigh of relief and relax.

at 8:50am my mother called me. i thought maybe she wanted details of our relatives last moments staying at my place, but she was calling for a different reason. apparently there was heavy traffic on storrow drive and my father wasn't going to be able to make it to the hotel by 9am, and was instead going to drive my relatives directly to JFK library, the first stop on their itinerary. anyway, my mother called asking me to work today, or at least until my father got back, whenever that was. i initially said no, told her to ask my sister instead, but then i changed my mind and called her back and said i'd be at the cafe by 9:30am. i checked my father's location on google map: they'd left 30 minutes ago but were still in front of the harvard business school. later i learned the reason for the insane traffic was a semi-truck getting storrowed on one of the bridges earlier today. in hindsight they should've taken the more direct (albeit slower in theory) route down mass ave towards the christian science building. not only would that have been more scenic, but they wouldn't be stuck on storrow drive.

good thing i uncovered my motorcycle, since i rode it down to the cafe. my mother had just arrived as well, so nothing was done yet. i cooked 5 cups of rice, boiled some dumplings, cooked some more tea eggs, cooked a batch of "dark" noodles, started the ice maker, and sorted a box of dry noodles. an early morning grubhub order came in (for a later delivery) for salt and pepper chicken, and my mother had to ask my sister to come early and marinate the chicken before frying.

my father finally came back by 10:30am. it suddenly got really busy, and i wasn't able to leave until nearly noontime. my mother packed me a barbecued pork bento box for lunch.

returning home, i collected all the dirty dishes and mugs and put them into the sink. wet used towels i hung them on the back of chairs to dry before they'd be laundered. i then went through the house and vacuumed the floors again, cleaning a lot of loose leaves that'd blown into the house, plus food crumbs in the kitchen and hair strands in the bathroom. i also threw out all the trash, get rid of germ-infested dirty tissues. i was basically exorcising any trace of my guests, to reclaim the house for myself.

after using the bathroom, i took a shower; once again i had to readjust the shower head. afterwards i ate the bento box for lunch.

in the late afternoon i biked down to market basket to get some groceries. the day was grey and still a bit foggy, but comfortably warm. i checked the weather beforehand, but for some reason it started raining by the time i left the supermarket, and i ended up getting soaked, had to change out of my wet clothes.

nothing much happened the rest of the day. i did some more cleaning, trying to see how long i can keep the house from getting cluttered again. the coffee table is always the first casualty, as well as the other sofa chair, which is normally the jacket and bag chair. i watered my plants with mosquito-bit infused water. i drank some cinnamon black tea, which is essentially just black tea with only a hint of cinnamon; i would rather drink an all cinnamon tea.

i took a shower before dinner. drying off, i noticed some white paint on my knee. how did that get there? but then i realized it wasn't paint, but actually caulk. the old caulk i used to line the edge of the bathtub? it hadn't cured and was still soft and sticky. the same caulk i used around the sink had already hardened, i think because it wasn't exposed to water like the bathtub caulk. good news is the bathtub is a pretty easy thing to caulk. i'll redo it saturday morning with a new tube of caulk so it can have all day to dry and hopefully cure.

dinner came in the form of a bowl of luxury korean ramen. i used old tofu which i had already opened in the fridge nearly a month ago. the firm tofu had gone soft, and the only reason why i ate it was because there was no suspicious smell (just suspicious texture), even though there was a film of odorless slime on top of the tofu water. i ate cautiously, waiting to see if i started showing signs of food poisoning. my stomach did hurt, but only because i was so full afterwards.

i finally finished watching terrifier (2016), which i've been viewing in installments because it was too intense to watch all that once. it's basically a revival of the killer clown trope, but drenched in ultra graphic gore. it wasn't too bad, mainly on the account of the main girl tara, played by jenna kanell. spoiler alert: the supposed final girl died in the end (actually more like midway through). a sequel recently came out, but i don't think i'll watch it because tara won't be in it.