while my parents went to baifu in the south end to get some cafe supplies, i moseyed my way to belmont. if it snowed last night there was no evidence of it. it definitely rained, even though i heard nothing, must've came from a different direction that didn't hit my bedroom window. it wasn't raining anymore by the time i got out of bed, although there were puddles everywhere and the temperature was in the mid-40's. it was warm, but also very windy.

in the backyard, the plastic row cover had been blown out of the raised bed by the wind. the daikons look a little ragged but still hanging in there. i noticed a garlic sprout poking out of one of the garlic beds, the first one i've seen; i planted my garlics so late this season, they had zero time to sprout. i readjusted the suet feeder, so it was hanging directly from the baffle, which was hanging directly from the bamboo pole, instead of suspended from a wire (i was always afraid the wire would break and the feeder smashing onto the ground). didn't see any birds today other than a mourning dove, although my mother said she saw birds feeding during the early morning rain.

my parents returned from baifu shortly after i arrived. they said the tents were all gone from methadone mile, but there were still junkies and homeless people congregating in the area. there was also a large police presence, to prevent people from camping out again.

my mother made rice noodles for lunch. i felt a little queasy in my stomach all day, not sure what it is. at one point it started raining outside even though it was sunny. that could only mean one thing: rainbows! i raced in the backyard and looked around the sky for the rainbow. the trick to finding a rainbow is to look with the sun behind you (i don't know if this is true all the time, but it was in this case). i spotted it behind the house, so i ran back inside and told everyone to go to the front yard to see the rainbow. my parents only looked through the window, while i was fully outside, taking photos with my phone. the rainbow only last briefly, the sky turned cloudy blocking the sun, and the rainbow disappeared.

in the afternoon my mother and i went out for a walk. we walked down to the belmont farm, which i've never actually visited, but seen plenty of times throughout the season from the sky with my drone. they were actually growing rows of plants during the winter; that's when i noticed they were actually daikon radishes! they were growing uncovered, and the radishes so big they were poking out of the ground. we kept walking up the hill to burbank before walking back home. we kept seeing sharpie hawks flying in the sky, even saw one diving bumping some backyard feeders (including a squirrel buster and a double-caged suet feeder, just like mine). i couldn't tell if they were cooper's or sharp-shinned. sometimes they looked like cooper's - crow-size - but when they were flying they looked like sharp-shinned (long slender flat-capped tail). (if i had to guess, i'd say they were cooper's hawk).

when we got back home, i reheated the leftover nachos from yesterday in the toaster oven. leftover nachos are not as good as fresh nachos, but we managed to finish it all.

i went out in the backyard and climbed the ladder to mount my gopro on the solar panel bracket to take a 5 sec interval of the sunset. unfortunately it turned cloudy and there was no colors to be had, just grey clouds growing progressively darker.

for dinner we had he fen noodles. i still continued to feel queasy as i packed up my things and returned to cambridge.

i got a 10am dentist appointment tomorrow. besides being nervous about another dentist visit, i also have to bike in the bitter cold tomorrow morning. at least afterwards i can visit chinatown and get a few things.