this morning i did a long overdue water change on my fish tank. the water level had already reduced by inch due to evaporation, there was visible signs of hair algae, and most importantly, i needed the aquarium water to water my plants, which were very dry. i started at 11:30am and it took me an hour before i finished. it was a thorough water change, including replacing the activated carbon. the one good news is that new anubias leaves are growing. not sure if it's because i did more frequent water changes, or because i replaced the glass lid with a clear new one. the faster the anubias can grow, the less algae there will be. i added a tablespoon of mosquito bits to the dirty aquarium water i siphoned out and use that to water my plants.

once i was finished with the aquarium, i started making lunch. i still had some leftover christmas ham which a seared in a pan. i also made some scrambled eggs, added some everything bagel seasoning along with some shredded parmesan cheese. finally i squeezed 4 navel oranges for some fresh juice.

my replacement SB6190 cablemodem arrived this afternoon. i figured arris would send me a refurbished model but to their credit they sent me a brand new modem. funny thing is when they asked me to send back the broken modem, they didn't even want the ethernet cable or power plug, just the unit itself. so now i have a spare cablemodem power plug as well. i don't know when i'll make the switch back, or if i even want to. my sister's old modem seems to be working fine so far, maybe i'll hold on to this new modem until the day the old one breaks.

around 3:30pm i walked down to walgreens to pick up my prescriptions. i also got some altoids on sale along with some pirouline cookies. the clouds approaching sunset were looking very dramatic, would've been a great day to do some drone flying, but by the time i started walking home, it was already dusk and the sun was gone. i also went to the liquor store to ask if they sell any churchkey bottle openers. they didn't have any, but i found out from my mother she didn't need one anymore, she found their old churchkey.

i finally got around to watching the hawkeye finale. it was okay, but sad to see the 6-part series come to an end. i'm sure marvel has more future projects for hailee steinfeld, can't wait. i look forward to the new boba fett series starting next wednesday.

for dinner i reheated the 2 leftover slices of pizza i had yesterday.