this is an abbreviated week, with just 3 days before the weekend. i woke up early (8:45am) to use the bathroom then camped out in the living room. i wrote an e-mail to molly regarding an old interactive then scheduled an appointment with jonathan next tuesday to talk solar panel installation. after GC left for work around 10am, i went to the community garden to water my plants.

instead of taking the motorcycle, i rode the fuji bike to belmont instead. biking is the only way i'm going to lose weight this summer and i haven't been doing enough of it. my goal is to get somewhere in the 130's.

my father and i continued reducing the dead tree trunks. for some reason there were carpenter ants nest in both trees. wielding an electric powered chainsaw, my father would cut as i stacked the fallen pieces of prunus wood into a pile. he also cut the wisteria trunk. wisteria is a very soft wood and hard to cut using pruners but apparently quite easy with a chainsaw.

i ate a barbecue corn and some pieces of lamb when i arrived, then for dinner i heated up 2 blue cheese burgers. i also tried a piece of chicken (bland) and some asparagus, two things i didn't get a chance to eat yesterday. it took me 15 minutes to bike back to cambridge, where i got back home before 8pm. on a motorcycle, on average it takes about 10 minutes, so it's not that much faster. if i wanted to i could probably run a few more red lights on a bicycle and get back home even faster.

it was a bad night because GC made both fish and shrimps for dinner. it took 3 fans running and a bunch of open windows to get rid of 80% of the smell. he finished his dinner in the kitchen while i went to go take a shower. later in the evening we watched a few more episodes of breaking bad, now starting season 4.