the first thing i did this morning was to change out a bucket of fish tank water. i do this for the next week, maybe the water will be clean again. but if i really want a clean tank, i could always empty the tank completely, sift out the gravel, then drain out any algae and dead organic matter.

it last just overnight, but the fermentation airlock is leaking now, despite the fermentation weight. actually, at 10am it wasn't leaking yet, but cabbage juice had filled the spout and leaked into the airlock. by 11:30am when i went to go check on it again, there was water on the lid. leaks seem to be inevitable with mason jar fermentation, i just have to live with it.

i ate a slice of chicken pot pie for lunch. it was a solid piece when i put it in the toaster oven to warm up, but came out a gooey mess afterwards. it tasted very much like how i remember those old-fashion swanson pot pies. at the very least i managed to replicate that familiar taste.

my father dropped by in the early afternoon to help me bring my larkspur seedlings back to belmont, where i will set them up outside in a cold frame for the season. true, i could've probably raised them indoors, but these are outdoor plants and shouldn't be babied, otherwise they won't survive when i eventually do move them outside.

shortly afterwards i biked to belmont and began setting up the cold frame in raise bed 0. i had a large piece of glass window that fits on top perfectly. i planted just a few larkspurs, but the rest i kept them in their pots. maybe they'll survive, maybe they won't, but better than living on my backyard porch. i put the glass on a slight elevation, so water can drain off but also to let in some air.

my 2nd aunt finally decided on a couch and i helped her order it online. unfortunately she's off on a cruise in 10 more days, so i scheduled to have the couch delivered on the monday she gets back.

it rained in the late afternoon once it got dark. however when it came time for me to leave after dinner, the rain had stopped. i biked home on my fuji, lights blaring.