i had some yogurt granola for lunch, taking some of the blueberries cristina had bought from last weekend. although it didn't seem that hot, the temperature today broke 90° again. in the afternoon i walked down to the community garden to water the plants. i picked another container of thai basil leaves, a container of cherry tomatoes and thai chili peppers, and finally a bag of garlic chives. when i returned home i watered my backyard plants as well (paul being away on the island this week, and can't depend on steve to do anything).

i got a swedish postcard from wangyang today. i could tell she doesn't often send postcards because she forgot the most important thing, which is the date. often times the date sent can also be found in the postage stamping, but for some reason this postcard arrived unstamped.

it was hot enough that i decided to take the motorcycle to belmont (less strenuous). my father had watered the garden but he always seems to miss the perennial beds on the sides of the house, and without proper watering, those perennials might be live to next year, not to mention the foxglove seedlings, or the larkspur seeds i scattered in certain spots. so i went out and watered those neglected spots.

rest of the afternoon was spent in the darken living room watching olympics coverage: first a rebroadcast of the team synchronized swimming event, followed by an NBC documentary on romanian gymnastic coaches the karolyis. i didn't know their story of defection to the US from soviet bloc romania, nor leaving a young daughter behind that would only be reunited with her parents in the US a few months later. that got us interested in gymnast nadia comăneci and seeing all her greatest perfect scoring 10.0 moments via youtube (all at the young age of 14). i like that she rarely smiles, a farcry from the forced smiles of modern olympic gymnasts.

for dinner we had xuelihong noodles. i came home around 7pm, finding cristina in the kitchen trying to make a heated burrito over the frying pan. i went back out briefly to star market to see if they had anymore seedless grapes but they were all sold out. i spent the evening watching the pats preseason game against the chicago bears. jimmy garoppolo started again, as tom brady was absent due to a scissor blade accident involving his thumb. the head qb-backup qb relationship is a strange dynamic. the backup can't be too good, otherwise it puts the job of the head qb in jeopardy. yet at the same time you want the backup to do well, because you don't want to see your team lose. i suppose in the end having two great qb's is a problem many teams would love to have.