just like he said, alfonso went to MGH this morning to work. i was of course still in bed, and only woke up after 10am to begin my saturday. i biked to belmont in the early afternoon. it was a chilly day, with temperature in the upper 30's, the first time this season it actually felt like winter. i attached a miniature gorillapod to the rear rack of my bicycle and recorded a time lapse video of my ride with my SJ4000. it wasn't a very good angle and most of the clip was just my ass working the fuji saddle. the next time i'll clip the camera to my backpack strap.

i had some meat buns for lunch. i played around with the nexus 7. i helped my father download a copy of tinycam monitor pro. i casted a live video feed from the wifi web camera onto the HDTV followed by a slideshow. i tried to get chromecast to play nice with the samsung's HDMI-CEC but it didn't seem to work again. i began playing season 2 of fargo for my mother to watch. i helped my father remove the password entry whenever he logs into his windows 10 laptop. i also helped him buy a trapeze bar (invacare $126) and an alternating pressure mattress (probasics satinair APM 2 $430) for my grand uncle. my sister's new black diamond cosmo 2016 headlamp arrived; we won't give it to her until either christmas/birthday, but i played around with it, it's super bright (160 lumens).

after dinner i biked back to cambridge. honestly, the main reason why i decided to bicycle today was so i could ride it at night all lit up with lights. it feels like i haven't ridden my disco bike all month long, which is a shame, because this is the best month to do it. it was both cold and grueling, but that was only in the first half. once i properly warmed up and found my groove, it was actually pretty pleasurable, and gave me a change to work off some of the food i had earlier.

alfonso was home when i got back, i could tell because the blinds were still opened but all the lights inside the house were on. locking the bike in the backyard, i could see smoke rising from steve's upstairs deck. they were having a barbecue, which confirmed my suspicion that they were having guests over this weekend. paul cleaned up the backyard last week, and on thursday put up wreathes on our doors. i actually don't like it but they do it every year without asking me. with christmas in a little bit over a week away, i thought maybe this year they were going to skip the practice, but with friends coming over, they couldn't just festoon their door and not do mine as well.

alfonso was taking a shower. the heat was on in the house but it seems like he just got home because the indoor temperature was still just 63°F. i knew he was going on, and i put on the PBS documentary cancer: emperor of all maladies while he waited for his uber ride to come and pick him up. he was gone by around 9pm.