i haven't been sanding since last thursday. i found my father outside the house when i arrived in belmont. i ate a banana for breakfast before starting work at 10a. my father was up on the roof of the garage caulking some shingles. i have an irrational fear of shaky ladders and couldn't get myself onto the roof. instead, i set up some tarps and sanded the lower half of the front of the house, which still needs some detail work. i was using 80 grit paper on the belt sander, then switched to the orbital sander. my father left around 10:30a, i worked until 1p.

after a shower, i decided to ride out to the nearest mcdonald's in watertown (california street) to get myself a mclobster sandwich. when i finally got there, they told me they stopped selling it last week, so i missed my chance. unwilling to go home empty-handed, i got 2 cheese burgers and 2 fries ($4).

when my mother came home, she fixed me a bowl of cold noodles. then for dinner, we had some duck broth rice noodles before i finally went home.

i emptied more of the guest bedroom closet, made some space in the kitchen cabinets, then empties all the old jars of kombucha in the refrigerator. one of the jars turned out to be a bottle of cooking oil instead and i found out too late before i poured it all down the drain. i may need to a preemptive declog on the kitchen sink drain one of these days.

ana still hasn't contacted me about moving in, and i wasn't in any hurry to ask her when she was coming. she told me over the weekend that it'll either be thursday or friday.