temperature today hit the upper 70's, which was the perfect time to move some of my plants out of the grow closet, especially the ones that are becoming too tall and hitting the lights (tomatoes for instance). i ended up moving out all my tomatoes and eggplants.

more backyard perennials are emerging, including the checkered fritillaries, which i now know the seeds (川贝母) are used in traditional chinese medicine as a cough suppressant.

in belmont, i played a korean-subtitled bootleg of kingsman for my mother to watch so she wouldn't fall asleep while i was out in the backyard doing garden work. my columbine seedlings are slowly emerging, just have to remember to water them. there was even a stray basil seedling, not sure how it got there. i was also busy digging out more bamboo rhizomes, which left my dirty and sweaty. i took a shower immediately after coming back inside.

in no mood to cook, we got some burger king takeout for dinner, after my father and i first went to the fresh pond CVS to pick up some ensure drinks for my grand uncle. i ate entirely way too much: a whopper, 2 small fries, 10 pieces of chicken nuggets, and half a large mango smoothie (not bad).

i biked back to cambridge with a low-hanging full moon in the twilight sky, stopping a few times to take some snapshots. it was actually a little chilly and i put on my henley shirt plus a light jacket i had in my bag.

because i don't have standard cable but i do have HBO (a weird combination), on sunday nights i just get to watch game of thrones and then have to waiting until mad men is over on AMC after 11:00pm to downloading that latest episode. due to a leak a few weeks ago, i've already seen tonight's GoT so it wasn't that interesting. mad men however, it was the 3rd to last episode of the series. tonight's showed the move to mccann erickson, which turned out to be quite terrible for many people, particularly for joan.