healing bone doesn't like to be struck is the lesson i'm learning. the past few days of accidental impacts from either biking or gardening has left me a bit sore this morning. whereas earlier in the week i could rotate my arm with a fair degree of painlessness, now all that pain has returned. so it's good i'm giving my shoulder the day off today, just going to stay home and do nothing, which i'm quite an expert at. i think a few days rest will return the shoulder to better conditions.

let's get scatological for a moment: given that i ate a whole pound of brussel sprouts last night, i was expecting to see some "fireworks" when i used the bathroom this morning. however, everything was quite normal, which makes me wonder where all that fiber went. or maybe i used the bathroom last night and forgot to note the significance.

the weather forecast said it'd rain for much of tomorrow, so i decided to put my bike in the basement (keeping it in storage would also allow me to better resist the temptation to ride it). i was searching for some more empty planting cups but i couldn't find any so i went to the dollar store to pick some up.

since i was already dressed, i decided to pay a visit to the community garden. it'd rain earlier in the morning but was dry now, although some areas were muddy. the water had already been turned on. the last time i was there was at the end of november, almost 5 months ago. the garden was empty. i was glad to see all my tomato cages were still there (that they hadn't been blown away by the winds). ground ivy had started to take over my plot again. the raspberries were starting to leaf out and i trimmed the canes down to 3 feet tall. i spotted some perennial daisies from last season, as well as a 2nd year money plant i'd transferred from my parents' backyard. i had a large patch of garlic sprouts and some thick scallions.

i spent the rest of my time at the community garden taking 3D photos. i came home and popped the memory card into the HDTV to see the results.

i continued with the gardening back at the house, this time separating the delphinium seedlings and replanting them. normally i'd just thin them out, but since delphiniums are hard to germinate (they can take as long as a month to sprout), each seedlings are precious. i ended up getting 4 more delphinium plants after the division for a total of 9 if they all survive.

finished the last of my chicken sausage for lunch (combined with oatmeal) along with a mango lassi. my blender doesn't really do a good job when it comes to frozen fruit but the final result was pretty delicious, especially with a couple drops of rose extract. for dinner i made myself a simple swiss cheese ham sandwich. i watched a magic johnson-larry bird rivalry documentary.

maybe a lot of that shoulder pain this morning was just stiffness from sleeping in a rigid position. by the evening the area still hurts, but not as bad. if i go slow, i can actually raise my arm in front of me (something i couldn't last weekend). i can also raise it in the back but there's a little bit of pain when i do that. i still can't cross over my left arm to the right side of my body though, but i can make it reach with the help of my right hand, but that comes with some pain. i also can't raise my arm completely straight up yet either.

i finished the second to last mission of dishonored. kind of a weird assignment, not much to explore, just a lot of sneaking around and trying to avoid the guards (which are plenty).