i was surprised to receive a phone call from my mother around 1:00 saying that she and my father were already back from their new york city trip. they left on friday. they went down to pick up a few personal items from a condo that belonged to a family friend. the place is usually empty and they've stayed there a few times but the property is about to be sold so they needed to clear out their stuff.

as soon as i began making my way to belmont it began to rain. a very little drizzle at first, then became progressively heavier as i heard the rain beating on my waterproof jacket. i got as far as huron village before the sky just opened up. i parked my bike underneath a tree to get at least some partial shelter from the rain. i then wrapped up all my things in large trash bags (which i had the foresight to bring, to keep things dry) before continuing on my way. it wasn't very fun but since i was already completely soaked, i didn't have anything to lose.

i took a shower when i arrived in belmont. i brought a change of clothes which were slightly damp from catching a bit of rain.

the only change in the backyard were the zucchini seedlings that'd emerged; i didn't remember seeing them yesterday. one of the cucumber seedlings had a piece eaten away by possibly a slug. later in the evening before i left i sprinkled some slug poison.

for dinner we had a lot of food my parents brought back from flushing chinatown. the only dish that wasn't imported was the kale soup my sister made with the bundles of kale i bought yesterday from haymarket, adding some barley and bacon to make it interesting.

it was drizzling as i made my way home in the evening. not sure what i splashed in but there were some dark oil stains on my left leg (i wore shorts) that was difficult to wash off when i took a shower upon arriving home. maybe rode through an oily puddle? next time i'll wear the rain pants.