at 25°F it was a brisk morning but not the coldest it's been this season (it was 20°F a week ago). with christmas being tomorrow, today was the last day to get groceries before all the stores will be closed for the holiday. i went across the street to pick up a bag of mussels. my mother called and asked if i could also buy a head of romaine napa lettuce from the korean supermarket in union square. for that i needed my bicycle, but first i had to unfreeze my u-lock by pouring on some hot water.

with groceries purchased, i returned home and took the motorcycle to belmont.

my mother made me some noodles for lunch while i watched the dolphins-patriots game. new england was heavily-favored to win, despite miami scoring 17 in the first half and shutting out the patriots. after the halftime new england made the necessary adjustments and ended up tying the game in the 3rd quarter. you could sense the momentum shifting as the patriots tacked on an additional 10 points. the dolphins made it interesting however and got a touchdown of their own in the final minutes. new england gained a few more downs and used out the clock for the win.

we had hot pot for dinner. the packet of spicy sichuan hot pot soup base wasn't spicy enough, more oily with a smoky flavor. we also didn't have any tripe (but it wasn't worth it going down to chinatown just to get it). usually because of the haphazard blending of food, i can look forward to a lengthy bathroom trip, but i was surprised when i didn't have any of my usual digestive upsets.

it was still cold, and my parents were urging me to drive home one of the cars instead, but being a biker means braving the elements come winter time, so i rode the motorcycle back. it wasn't bad but i was definitely cold, in my fingertips and down my legs.

i went to bed early, around 10:30, which almost never happens. while brushing my teeth and i suddenly realized what happened: i didn't post a blog entry! by then it was too late, as i enjoyed a nice blog-free evening, promising myself i'd write it up tomorrow.