i dropped off some macy's coupon at the cafe this morning and was then roped in by my mother to get her more yarn.

first, a short trip to belmont to find the yarn label and figure out which brand and color to get (lion brand hometown USA yarn in san diego navy color). i found hailey sleeping on the floor and i let her out into the backyard so she could go to the bathroom and fetch some branches. earlier this morning my father fixed all the downspouts in anticipation of the rain tomorrow.

i then came home briefly to print out a 50%-off-one-item coupon and left for the assembly square mall via the new central-broadway street route. surprisingly ac moore didn't have any yarn on sale this week. not that it mattered with the coupon, which i ended up paying just $2.29 for that one skein (normally $4.59).

my main reason for coming to assembly square was to visit the home depot to find some replacement screws for my large rear dual bicycle rack. one of the screws fell out and the remaining screw has been worn down so much it's more of a bolt at this point. the going price for machine screws is a dollar a bag. originally i was going to buy a package of zinc screws until i saw some stainless steel #10-32 x 1-1/2" screws. there were just 3 per package but i only needed 2. what i also want to get is some matching nuts but maybe next time.

dropping off the yarn at the cafe, i also had some freshly made meat buns for a late lunch (by then it was 2:30). i waited several minutes before i ate because my fingers frozen numb and i didn't want to accidentally burn myself on the hot buns. priscilla was there (like she is everyday around this time) talking knitting with my mother.

back at home i fitted the new stainless steel screws onto my bike. they worked perfectly, now i'll have to wait and see if they'll pop out like the previous screws (installing some nuts might prevent this from happening).

i wanted to get some groceries but since i brought home some meat buns i had plenty to eat so i decided to wait until tomorrow (hopefully before the rain). i fell asleep on the couch around 7:00, waking up 2 hours later for dinner.