an SUV parked outside my house had a conspicuous flyer attached to its windshield. at first i thought it was one of those anti-SUV notices that occasionally bombard any large cars deem too environmental unconscious by anonymous judgmental politically correct zealots. when i got a chance to take a closer look i saw it was leaflet from the city of cambridge, along with a new-designed sleeker boot. how many unpaid parking tickets do you have to have before they clamp your wheel? this isn't even a local car but one from pennsylvania. the owner must've thought it was okay to just store it here, not knowing he'd be ticketed daily for parking without a resident permit.

i went to ac moore again late this morning. there was no starbella yarn. coming back i went to home depot to get some silicone caulk and some super glue. i carried my new apex messenger bag along with my insulated contigo container in one of the side pockets, full of steaming hot good earth tea. every time i came to stop, i took a sip, a nice distraction on a cold day (today wasn't that cold, lower 40's).

i stopped by the cafe anyway to drop off the visitor's permit. this time i was smart enough to get some lunch, a bowl of beef noodle soup, before i left.

i gave my motorcycle a WD40 wipedown when i noticed all the water spots. i'll need to wash it and probably do an oil change before putting it away for the winter, which won't be until our first major snowstorm, when that is.

i boiled some chinese dumplings with dill for dinner. i tried to cut back on the garlic but ate a whole bunch anyway, rendering my breath stinktastic for the next few days.

when marco came home around 9:30 i asked him if he wanted to see some holiday light displays. we left via bicycle to concord avenue somerville. it was late enough that a few houses already turned off their christmas displays for the evening but there was still enough for marco to get a taste of how the locals decorate for the holidays.