marco came home around 1:30 last night but i was already in bed with the lights off. when i woke up this morning i was able to ask him about his new york city trip. he and his friend caught the 6:15 fungwah bus out of south station, arriving in manhattan before 10:00. they had breakfast in little italy before basically following the same tour route i did with marco. by the time they made it to time square it was already dark, so after they went to central park they didn't bother returning, but instead took the metro back to brooklyn bridge to see the manhattan skyline at night. they had thai for dinner in chinatown before finally taking the 9:00 bus back to boston.

while marco was making plans to hang out with his friend in boston later in the afternoon, i gathered my things and left for belmont. my mother fixed me up some rice porridge with leftover chinese meatballs for lunch and brewed a cup of chai latte on the keurig machine. later i made myself another cup of chai latte (i wonder if there's caffeine? i guess i'll find out tonight).

the colts-patriots game was moved to a 1:00 time slot given the non-competitive nature of the match facing winless indianapolis. while new england was pretty much guaranteed a win, had they lost to the colts it would've been a disaster. that actually almost happened, as what looked to be a 31-3 blowout turned out to be a too-close-for-comfort 31-24 final score after indianapolis came back to score 3 touchdowns in the final quarter.

the better game was the matchup between the insofar undefeated packers versus the giants. this was one of the rare times when i actually rooted for new york, anything to prevent green bay from achieving a perfect regular season (and match new england's record in the process). this was a great contest, only decided in the final seconds with a packer field goal to break the tie and give them the win. it must be great being a green bay fan these days, watching that team play is a thing of beauty. the quarterback is calm and collected, the receivers make amazing catches effortlessly.