the planet bike superflash stealth is much better than my chinese knockoff, but the knockoff isn't that bad. sure, it's not as bright, but it's still brighter than most rear bike lights, and at only $3.46, buying 4-7 would still be cheaper than getting a superflash (i paid $16.33 through amazon, lowest price in more than a year). it's a non-issue at this point since dealextreme no longer sells that my knockoff model anymore.

i was happy to see that marco was gone this morning. hopefully it meant he was on his way to new york city if not actually there already. after a salmon cream cheese bagel sandwich for breakfast, i went to the cafe to drop off the iphone 3GS. it belonged to a family friend who wanted to know if i could jailbreak/unlock her phone. unfortunately she already upgraded to latest iOS v5 and currently there's no hack.

nobody was home when i got to belmont. i was watching ides of march on the larger HDTV in my parents' bedroom when my sister came home with the dog. my mother came home soon afterwards as well. one of the families my sister works for gave her a mr. coffee keurig brewer as a present. it's kind of big and takes out a lot of counter space. my sister wanted to show it off and made me a cup of chai latte. it was actually pretty good. i personally think the whole idea of the keurig k-cup is pretty wasteful. those packets aren't recyclable, and i feel it's much cheaper to make coffee or other flavored drinks the normal way. convenient? no doubt, but i can't get past the waste and cost.

with my sister off on nanny duty and my father still working at the cafe, it was just my mother and me for dinner. we had some lion's head meatballs with rice. my mother finished knitting another thorpe flap hat, this time using a skein of loops & threads charisma yarn ($3 100% acrylic bulky 5 weight) in deep woods color.

i finally left when my father came home around 9:00. by then the temperature was in the upper 30's. i was riding a steam motorcycle with all the condensing breath coming out of my mouth like a plume. it wasn't that cold but a definitely more autumn-like than in past weeks.