i had an amazing night of rest sleeping on new sheets. when morning came i didn't want to get out of bed.

i spotted a pretty bike from my living room window, a white raleigh sprite 27. it has that classic english bike style (including fenders), but instead of a 3-speed hub gear this one had a derailleur with handlebar-mounted thumb shifters. that's my dream bike. the guy who was riding it even had a matching white fur-lined flap hat. the only thing that was missing was a rear rack or maybe some sort of basket.

i went to the cafe in the late morning. i noticed the newly installed bike racks poking out from the sidewalk, at least 4 bollards. i've been meaning to contact the city of cambridge to get them to put in some bike racks (there's a special website where people can suggest new locations with GPS coordinates) but looks like somebody beat me to it. now when i visit the cafe by bicycle i won't have to use a sign post for parking.

i was at the cafe to eat. my mother called me yesterday in the late afternoon and told me all the new dishes they made, but i was too lazy to go back out again. i had a big bowl of mutton noodle soup and took home a bag of frozen chinese dumplings.

my main reason for coming out was to drop off some birthday cream puffs for my sister in belmont. unfortunately she wasn't home. i'd just came in after playing with the dog in the backyard when she came home. i returned to cambridge soon afterwards.

temperature today was in the upper 40's, just like yesterday, definitely more seasonal. thin high-altitude wispy clouds floated across the sky. i made my way to the assembly square mall, my 4th time this week and my 3rd consecutive visit. i was here to pick up some more starbella yarn for my mother who can't seem to keep enough of it for herself before someone else requests a scarf made from that novelty yarn.

my sister called to let me know she finally saw the fresh pond owl while walking hailey. she said it was very small, and then was gone when she came back around on the circular path.

i also purchased a set of cookie sheets (3 different sizes) for $7.99 from ac moore. i have a large cookie sheet at home but it's not enough for all my baking needs. like that time i made some cookies and had to use some pizza pans which scorched everything. or when i'm baking beef jerky and don't have enough trays to fit all the pieces. the brand was wilton, which i've never heard before, but it had to be better (including a 5 year warranty) than the one i currently own, which was cheap enough that it warped at some point, leaving a slight crease in the tray. out of curiosity i went next door to the christmas tree shoppe to do some price comparison. they had a set for $6.99 but they looked kind of cheap.

i made a cream cheese + salmon + bagel sandwich for dinner, but i was still hungry afterwards, so i ended up heating some chicken corn chowder from a can.

marco is going to new york city again tomorrow morning, taking his lady basque friend. he waited all night for her to confirm, but finally called her long-distance from his italian phone just to make sure they'd meet in south station on time.

finally, my planet bike superflash stealth rear light came in the mail. that thing is definitely brighter than the rear light i'm currently using, to the point of being obnoxiously conspicuous. i pity the cars stuck behind me at traffic lights when i have that thing attached to my bike at night! to think there's an even more powerful version, the superflash turbo, with 1-watt worth of shine.