i had the weirdest dream last night, about the cast of twilight forced to eat dinner from a dining table suspended in the air by wires. one by one each of them had to scramble on hands and knees across the thin cables. spectators below gasp with each misstep. those vampires must have awful publicists!

i woke up to an empty house, marco having gone out for a run. he was back by the time i got out of the shower. i made myself a mug of jasmine tea and left for belmont soon afterwards.

although the car was outside, nobody was home in belmont. i figured maybe my mother and sister took hailey out for a walk. 30 minutes later the dog appeared out of nowhere. 20 minutes after that i saw my sister. apparently they were both home and i didn't know it.

my mother was out shopping with bin bin at the nearby macy's. when she returned home around 2:00, my sister drove us to the burlington michael's where my mother bought some more yarn (patons classic wool $4, caron simply soft $2.50). next we went to h-mart to get some groceries. that place has the strangest customers, affluent suburban asians conspicuous in their nouveau riche, strolling the aisles in clashing name brand fashions, seemingly oblivious to their own tackiness.

we got back around dusk (4:30), my father already home. i quickly turned on the television where the patriots-eagles game was in progress, philadelphia already up by a touchdown. the eagles managed to score some more points but once new england clamped down it was game over as the offense just took over. eagles' young backup quarterback relied too much on the long range passing game, which looks spectacular when he hits his receivers, but awful when he gets intercepted.

i didn't see any raccoons tonight when i got ready to go home. there was a layer of cold condensation on my motorcycle that i wiped off with my glove. a little bit colder than last night, but not too bad (still in the 50's), could be worse.

marco came home around 9:00. he was meeting a spanish friend, here in town for a week for a science conference. he played boston tour guide, and will play new york tour guide when he takes her to manhattan next saturday.