apparently marco is a big beer drinker so i took him early this afternoon via bicycle to savmor discount liquors in northeastern cambridge to check out the selection. i've never been inside savmor before, only seen it driving by. the place looks a little imposing, off of the side of the highway with no windows. inside it was much bigger than your usual liquor store. they seemed to have a lot of european imported beers, many of which marco recognized, but he was more interested in american beer, which they didn't seem to carry too much. we ran into a snag when checking out, they wouldn't accept marco's italian driver's license as a form of id. the cashier said i could buy the beers though, which i ended up doing.

marco ended up getting a 6-pack of anchor steam, a 6-pack of samuel adams cream stout, and a bottle of belgian beer (presented in a fancy wine bottle). he told me he actually collects beer bottles, and will add to his collection with some american brands when he returns to spain.

i rode the motorcycle to belmont, where my father was cleaning out the gutters and my mother and sister were about to take hailey to the beaver brook reservation. later my father left for the cafe, with my 2nd aunt taking a day off to do some last minute shopping before her tuesday departure.

my sister went out again to visit a friend, leaving only my mother and me to have some turkey broth noodles for dinner. i also helped her order a few circular needles on sale and some more yarn (bernat alpaca and stitch nation washable ewe). i left when my sister came home.

outside i saw what looked to be a stuff animal by a nearby tree. i thought it was only a toy at first until i looked back and saw it'd changed location. was it a cat? but it's too big to be a cat. then i realized the silhouette i was seeing was a raccoon. i went inside and called my sister out to see. by then it was hiding behind the tree. later we saw it climb and disappear. when i looked back one last time before leaving, i could see its raccoon head peeking out from behind the tree trunk. it's been a while since i've seen a raccoon. they're not too easy to see because they're kind of secretive and come out only at nights. i thought about taking a photo but i didn't want to scare it.

marco was still home when i got back around 8:00, but soon left for his coworker/friend's house for dinner with the bottle of belgian beer.