although it was still wet from the overnight rainstorm, i decided to take the motorcycle to belmont just because it was faster (my legs still aren't at 100% after my new york city weekend). i was at my parents' place to help with the pre-thanksgiving clean-up, but when i arrived, the house was already pretty clean. they'd already extended the dining table to it's maximum length, but it still didn't look like it could seat 15 people. i told them i'd be happy to sit at a side table, just to avoid banging elbows.

i helped my father move an old unused television and did some vacuuming. i also organized the small bedroom which has served as a walk-in storage closet for all my sister's junk. i stayed until the mid-afternoon, when my father came back home and my mother was getting ready to leave for the cafe. instead of the motorcycle, i borrowed one of the cars since i had to bring back some things tomorrow (flan, cases of soda).

waiting for me at home was my amazon.com shipment which finally arrived: a pair of bike chains and some missing link chain connectors. i could've replaced my current chain but decided to wait until the weekend. instead i biked to market basket to pick up a large of container of cooking oil and some clementine oranges. coming by bike i avoided the hassle of trying to find car parking, but i still had to wait in line, which was about 10 minutes in the 12 items or less line.

having tired of pulled pork, for dinner i boiled some frozen meat tortellini and heated up half a jar of tomato sauce. i ate early, around 6:00, and later fell asleep briefly on the coach, the heat of my laptop serving as a hot water bottle.

marco came home late, around midnight. he pulled some extra hours so he wouldn't have to go back to the lab tomorrow (thanksgiving day). earlier this morning he got some ingredients for baking a chocolate cake, which he'll attempt to make tomorrow (under my supervision).