the colder it gets, the later i wake it seems. it's hard getting out of bed into a cold house when it's so warm and cozy underneath the covers. i woke up at 11:00 today. no time to ease into the day, i quickly got dressed and went out.

i decided to take the motorcycle because i could run all my errands in a single trip. while warming up the bike, i saw somebody run into my backyard. "hey chief! what're you doing?" i called out. the man didn't answer me. "hey you!" i shouted again. he came out and told me he was looking for soda cans. it's one thing to pilfer through the recycle bins on trash night, but it's another thing to go into somebody's backyard. not sure if i can really do anything but if i see that guy again next monday, i might have to call the cops.

first stop was the library to get a knitting book for my mother (knitting over the edge by nicky epstein). i then went to the hess gas station on prospect street to fuel up before cutting across union square to the assembly square mall ac moore, where i picked up a skein of fishermen's wool yarn (they didn't have birch tweed, i got some maple tweed instead). even though 3 registers were opened, the cashiers were incredibly slow and i didn't get out of there until 20 minutes later.

when i finally got back home, i loaded up everything into the back of my bicycle (including a shipment of vitamins and hand soap for my 2nd aunt) and left for belmont. just like yesterday, i didn't have any strength in my legs, but i took the bike anyway because i wanted to do some work on it.

my parents and sister were busy cleaning the house (in preparation for thanksgiving dinner) when i arrived. after some rice porridge for lunch, my father and i went outside to work on my bike.

i needed to remove the freewheel assembly from the rear wheel. this time i had the proper matching socket to fit over the freewheel remover. instead of using a ratchet socket wrench (which might break under the tension), we used a solid socket wrench instead. my father beat the wrench with a mallet. we tried using a pipe to gain more torque. we even tried it on the vise. none of them worked. finally we went back to the pipe one last time, this time with my father applying opposite torque on the wheel when i pressed down counterclockwise with the pipe extension. we heard a ripping sound as the freewheel came loose. success!

installing a freewheel is much easier than taking one off. i basically threaded it onto the hub by hand, since the pedaling of the bike will naturally tighten the freewheel. i wasn't planning on installing the new one until i got the replacement chain, but i figured a few miles of riding with the worn chain wouldn't create too much wear. the new freewheel spun silently compared to the old freewheel which made a grinding sound. test riding the bike up and down the street i could still hear a grinding noise though. turns out the ball bearings inside the crank pedals might be worn down, and i'll need to replace those.

later i helped my father collect the leaves from the yard into trash bins while he used a blower to corral all the leaves together. we did the front then the back. it was near dark by the time we finished.

with my sister not home, hailey pestered me during dinner for her after meal treat (which is normally a rawhide chew stick). she'd sit on one side and make noises, then move to the other side and do the same. i ignored her but in the end gave her a treat anyway after she gave up and went to sleep on the couch.

temperature today was colder, in the 40's. by the time i rode back to cambridge, it'd dropped into the 30's. i knew it wasn't really that cold, given how cold it can really get, but it was still a shock, given how downright balmy november has been.

there was a package on my doorstep when i got back. a cheap earflap hat, 2 pairs of gloves, and some boxer briefs. i took a shower and tried out my new underwear. i thought they'd be tighter but they fit pretty well. i don't like how the leg holes constrict my thighs though. still, it's time to get some new undergarments (the last time i bought new underwear was probably half a decade ago, so it's been a while).

i ended the evening catching the patriots-chiefs game on television. marco came home and told me he forgot to go to the bank today but would get me next month's rent by tomorrow. i brought out a box of cream puffs which we ate after letting them defrost. new england fell behind at first, 3-0, but that was all kansas city managed to score once the patriots fired up their offense, with a final score of 34-3. i don't know if new england was playing well, or that the chiefs weren't that good. i'm still not seeing the usual patriots dominance, despite the lopsided score. rob gronkowski scored a touchdown where he flipped over into the end zone and seemingly snapped his neck in the process. he got up a little bit shaken, but still managed to spike the ball for exclamation. i'm worried about that guy.