we left at 5:30 in the morning, got back 1:30 in the evening, a 20 hour day trip to the big apple. my legs are pretty much destroyed at this point, after walking the streets of new york city for more than 10 hours. the bus ride back was a real nightmare, with the overhead ac blasting cold air every few minutes, like some kind of sleep deprivation torture experiment. the driver was prone to sudden stops accented by the squeaky brakes, speeding down the highway, enjoying going over pot holes at maximum velocity. once we arrived in boston at 1:00, we hobbled to where we parked our bikes (being careful not to wake the sleeping homeless) and then pedaled our way back to cambridge (cutting across boston common and riding in the wrong direction down charles street), witnessing drunk men and women stumbling through the streets of boston. the only good thing was it wasn't that cold (in the 50's, unlike this morning where it was 32°). it was a long day but i think a memorable one for marco, who pretty much saw most of manhattan given what little time we had. this trip will be the template for all future new york tours, should my legs fully heal and i ever decide to do another one. more write ups to come, including photos...

manhattan chinatown and little italy:

brooklyn bridge:

downtown financial district (freedom tower, wall street, charging bull):

battery park (statue of liberty, ellis island):

union square, flatiron district, 5th avenue, empire state building:

park avenue, grand central station, 42nd street east, chrysler building, united nations building:

new york public library, 42nd street:

time square:

rockefeller center, 5th avenue to central park:

central park, wollman ice rink:

rockefeller center and time square at night:

9th avenue through hell's kitchen, madison square garden, penn station:

high line:

chelsea, greenwich village, soho:

vietnamese dinner in chinatown, back to boston: