i found my mother at home knitting another thorpe, this one in green-orange-white. she was doing traveling jogless stripes this time, since the last one with stationary jogless stripes still came out joggy. she fixed me some leftover beef noodles for lunch.

my mother asked me to work the braids for the orange-red thorpe hat she knitted yesterday. she didn't believe me when i told her it'd take me an hour to do it in the 6 strand braiding style, but was convinced after i finished an hour later.

the day felt later even though according to the clock it was still early. like this morning, i woke up at 9:00 when normally it'd be 10:00. around 3:00 i decided to take a nap (felt like 4:00). i didn't wake up until 6:00, when hailey woke me for her feeding.

i returned to cambridge soon after dinner.

the most important thing that was happening today was the return of my roommate marco, after departing to italy for his mother's funeral. his flight back was to new york, so he still had to make his way to manhattan and then take a fung wah bus to boston. he finally showed up at 10:30. it was good to see him again. for a while i didn't think he was coming back, and i was prepared to pack up his things for him and ship them to italy. he brought out an assortment of italian cookies from his bag and had some for dinner. he showed me a photo of his mother and i got some more details of how he found out the bad news. he laughed when i told him some stories about his friends' boston visit this past weekend.