i was afraid the end of the daylight saving time would be confusing but everyone woke up in a timely manner (around 9:00). i found marco already up in the living room with his laptop. he knocked on the door of the spare bedroom to wake up txema and also to get some things from his suitcase.

after everyone freshened up, i took them out one last time. first stop was rite aid, in case anyone needed to buy some chocolates (nobody bought anything). next was the starbucks across from harvard law school. txema had a white mocha, marco an espresso. since there are no starbucks in italy, it was a rare visit for marco. noticing all the people with their laptops, he said nobody does this back home, that coffee time is for drinking coffee only, maybe also with a glass of wine.

we then went by cambridge common, down by the sheraton commander hotel, cutting through the weston jesuit school, finally to the banks of the charles river. we went up on the JFK street bridge, then down a closed stretch of memorial drive, before snaking through a few small side streets back to mass avenue and ending up at the center of harvard square.

at harvard square, marco and txema split up. marco wanted to wander harvard square a bit more while txema wanted to go back home and get his suitcase. he needed to get to the airport early so he could watch the bilbao-barcelona football match (in its entirety) beginning at 2:00 streaming live from his computer. he also seemed unusually concerned with the weather back home due to storms and localized floodings. he left before 12:00.

shortly after txema left, marco came back to the house, with a few more souvenirs. he also went across the street to star market to get some peanut butter, something that's hard to find in europe. he left around 1:00.

nobody was home when i arrived in belmont. the first people to get back were my sister and mother, who'd taken hailey for a walk around fresh pond (hailey smelled like dog slobber). my mother showed me the nearly complete new thorpe hat based on my revised color scheme. even though she knitted using a jogless stripe technique, the color changes were still very noticeable. she ended up unraveling the entire hat to start all over. by evening time she'd finished a new thorpe. there was still noticeable jogging which we just accepted.

i fell asleep for an hour in the afternoon, the effects of the dayquil capsules i took this morning. they're not supposed to cause drowsiness but they still make me feel sleepy.

patriots ended up losing to the giants in a close match at home, extending their seemingly impossible losing streak to 2 games. it's getting awfully crowded in the AFC east, with new england, new york, and buffalo all with 5-3 records. an important game next week, a sunday night football match between the patriots and the jets. given how badly new england has performed the past 2 games, i'm a little worried.

back at home, i was free of roommates for one night. watching television from the couch, i fell asleep, only to wake up around midnight so i could crawl into bed.