i managed to get ahold of julie today as we met in harvard square in the morning to catch the last day of the head of the charles. the weather was sunny and warm at first but later turned overcast. we watched from the center of JFK bridge (a bit of women veteran singles, women quads directors' challenge, the youth fours, and master singles men) before checking out the vendor tents.

directors' challenge women quads and youth fours boys:

youth fours girls & veteran singles 60+ & master singles:

view from the JFK street bridge:

scenes from the nearby pavilions:

besides having some gyro for lunch, we also picked up some free food samples (vermont cheese, faux sparkling wine, children gummy vitamins, coconut-based milk and popsicle, mint water, 5-hour energy drink, granola bar).

children: they're our future!

youth eights rowing to the starting point:

later we walked down to the finish line, where we found a great seat on a partially submerged tree trunk along the edge of the river shoreline. we caught the youth eights. we were eye level with the rowers as they passed by in the final stretch. most amusing was listening to the coxswains spurring on the crew. most of them seemed to have a raspy voice from too much screaming. next year, we're bringing some motivational music on portable speakers and a video camera to record the best of coxswains.

youth eights boys:


more coxswains!

youth eights girls:

even more coxswains!

(i took approximately 2000 photos so plenty more images when i get the chance)

it was approximately 3:00 by the time i got back home. i was planning on hitting a crafts store to look for yarn for my mother, but i decided to do it tomorrow instead. i took the motorcycle to belmont.