this year, i plan on watching the head of the charles from the eliot bridge (normally i observe from the JFK street bridge). so this afternoon i rode my bike down there to do some preliminary research. there was already spectators, family and friends of participants watching the rowers do a test run before the big event this weekend.

afterwards i cut through the brattle street area to get to the cafe. my aunt lili was there sampling some of my mother's recent knittings. i went with my father to my great uncle's place to tweak the wireless router and to do some speed tests. i set the network to wireless G only but i didn't see any noticeable difference besides the already high speed gained by switching to a new router yesterday.

my aunt lili drove my mother and i to ac moore at the assembly square mall, to buy more yarn (seems like my mother is buying new yarn every week; my aunt wanted to get some yarn so my mother can knit her a cowl and a hat) with our 50% off one item coupons (actually, the yarn were on sale so the coupons didn't apply; my mother used them instead to get some knitting needles). neither of them knew how to get there so i was giving directions; they complained that i was taking confusing short cuts (routes i normally take via bicycle in order to avoid traffic).

we came back via broadway because i didn't want to get stuck in union square congestion. after getting dropped off at the cafe (around 5:00), i biked back to my place.

i switched my own wireless router back to being a mixed network and i'm still getting 20+ Mbps speed, so i don't think making it exclusively G wireless has any effect on the overall performance.

i had some trader joe pho for lunch and it was awful. first, it was served in a rectangular bowl, which any asian person would let you know that's the worse shape for a bowl because it's hard to drink the broth (corner or flat edge? both equally difficult). the only thing remotely pho-like were the flat noodles, but otherwise it was a travesty devoid of any vietnamese taste. for dinner i had some tonkatsu leftover.