i rode the motorcycle to the fresh pond trader joe to pick up some of their new asian creations and brought them to belmont to eat. the crispy spicy soy garlic chicken wings ($3.99) were surprisingly good. the wings are a bit small, and it's hard to get fried crispiness through baking frozen food, but the spicy soy garlic sauce masked any shortcomings.

i didn't think anyone was home so was surprised when a black dog poked her at me from under the table. my sister didn't wake up until nearly 1:00, the extent of her slothfulness.

i made live client J's new website and set up a new e-mail account. this was a small project, making enough for some grocery money. i'll send the invoice tomorrow.

i downloaded a copy of captain america last night and finished watching it today. it's actually not too bad. i don't like how they're setting up the film so it'll transition into the avengers movie next year. a part of me hopes that movie does terribly at the box office and will kill off this unnecessary trend of comic book superhero movies.

in the late afternoon with an hour before sunset at 6:00 i went outside and planted some radish seeds. these will take less than 4 weeks to mature, i'm hoping i can get in one last crop before the killing frost. i should've planted them earlier, like last month, but i've never equated autumn as a growing season and just forgot about it.

the temperature wasn't exactly brisk but there was definitely a slight chill in the air when i motorcycled back to cambridge. fortunately the windshield of my bike does a good job keeping me warm in these final weeks of the riding season. street cleaning continues tomorrow so i remembered to park on the other side of the street.

i washed the bathroom rug by hand and set it outside to dry. i don't want to point any fingers but i noticed a urine smell a few days ago. with my roommate not here for the week, it was a good time to give it a good washing.

i received a letter from citizens bank today saying they were doing away with their green$ense program in another month. green$ense was an arrangement where i earned 10¢ for every purchase i made with my debit card. with my spending habits, i made back about $30 a year. when i switched from bank of america back in january 2010, green$ense wasn't a motivation, more like an unrealized perk. i'm sorry to see it go, but i never made much from it anyway. i'm just happy they're not enacting any fees like the way bank of america is fleecing their customers. at this point i don't know why anyone would stick with bank of america (fees, high minimum balance, the epitome of an evil banking institution). i do miss how i could always find a bank of america ATM just about anywhere, but it wasn't enough of an incentive to get me to stay with them. who knows, maybe i'll switch banks again. it's kind of a hassle, but i've done it before, and it gets easier each time. i'd like to have a bank where there are actually ATM's close by for a change (something i didn't take into consideration when i signed up with citizens bank).