i drove the car to belmont this morning to retrieve my motorcycle. my mother was home and fixed me some noodles for lunch in between knitting. i told her about my problem trying to do a 2-color K2P2 corrugating ribbing pattern so she took a crack at knitting a sample square. it took her a few tries but she finally figured it out. i tried to learn from her example but it wasn't easy, not with her laughing at my lack of knitting skills. i did managed to create my own square, but i'm still shaking on where to wrap the different yarns when i start a new row.

when my father came back home in the afternoon and my mother was getting ready to leave for work, that's when i returned to cambridge. not wanting to move the motorcycle from a choice parking spot, i took the bicycle to union square to deposit the last check from client E (finally got it after more than half a year).

for some reason all the 2-color ribbings have a stray row of the wrong color on one of the initial opening rows. this can't be just a coincidence but i'm not sure how to correct it. i ended up creating an even larger corrugated ribbing sample, this time with a charcoal heather knit and a bone purl. i don't think it looks as good as the other way around. i'll try it next time with 2 colors that are easier to see (charcoal heather is just too dark).

i heated up a brick of lasagna for dinner. when the weather gets cold i like to do more baking because it warms up the house. i watched suburgatory, modern family, and american horror story. AMF is a weird show, i tune in more for the kinky sex than the gratuitous violence. i applaud it for taking a risk with a horror-based series, but i wouldn't be surprised if it gets cancelled (or maybe lasts for a single season).

i mixed up some bread batter for tomorrow before going to bed.