i took marco to see the honk parade this morning.

i didn't know how well i'd do with my tailbone still in a world of hurt from all that biking yesterday. i took an advil before going to bed but that didn't get rid of the pain. it doesn't hurt when i'm riding the bike and fortunately parade watching is mostly standing anyway. it only seems to hurt if i've been sitting down for a while then try to move. i'll be walking like frankenstein monster for the next few days. i'm surprised my legs don't seem to be in any pain though.

we waited at the usual spot, at the corner of beech and elm. the weather was cloudy, but the doppler radar showed the rain would stay away for much of the day.

the honk parade is a weird thing. is it protest? is it street performance? is it marching bands? it seems to be a little of everything. i've been to many of these already so i was pretty jaded but marco seemed to get a kick out of it.

later we biked back to our place and parked, then walked down to mass ave to join the parade route on foot into harvard square for octoberfest. usually i do this part by motorcycle, which is slightly faster. by then time we joined up with the parade, most of it had already passed by.

octoberfest offered more of the usual, either handicrafts or fair food. there seemed to be more though, coinciding with a nearby farmer's market as well. we grabbed a few free samples. marco seemed to be disappointed with the lack of public beer drinking in a festival touted as octoberfest.

after returning home, i packed a few things and left for belmont via bicycle (fearing that it might rain later, which it never did). my legs were tired and it felt like i was treading water. i found my mother knitting a pair of fingerless gloves in the study while hailey slept in the living room.

with new england's lost last sunday, patriot nation was a little worried. the team is back on course now, after defeating the raiders in oakland. new england sports fans needed this after a seriously foul week of losing both the red sox wild card race and manager terry francona.

when my father came home from the cafe, he brought back a 2nd generation ipod touch along with a deactivated iphone. they belonged to the owner from the house of chang restaurant; he wanted my father's help transferring some music from the ipod onto the iphone; in return he'd give my father the ipod touch (or maybe sell it to him for cheap). i used senuti on the mac to extract the songs. afterwards i wiped the ipod touch and registered it under my father's name. the ipod touch is the poor man's iphone, but so long as you're always within open wifi range, it acts just like an iphone (or an ipad for that matter), just much thinner.

back at home, i watched the one minute episode of breaking bad season 3 with marco. after he went to sleep, i watched the penultimate episode of breaking bad season 4. the final few minutes of walt vs. gus, i almost didn't breathe, waiting for that ball to drop. jesse (and the audience) still can't figure out if gus is the bad guy or not.