i've been doing some web work for client J for the past few weeks. only a few hours worth, the job is essentially a site migration. i finally managed to up the site after importing an sql database and tweaking the php code a little bit. the hard part is the client has a strained relationship with the original sysadmin, and getting any of the original data has been like pulling teeth, plenty of e-mails (which more often than not are ignored) and phone calls. good news is client E got in touch with me today about my unpaid last invoice. hopefully i'll get that check soon.

i motorcycled to the everett michael's in the early afternoon to get some more yarn for my mother. my mother loves stitch nation's1 bamboo ewe yarn, which is a blend of 55% bamboo to 45% wool. the bamboo adds a softness and shine, while the wool is for general warmth. i picked up a pair of twilight-colored skeins and paid using a 40% off coupon (on a single item).

i dropped off the yarn at the cafe before going home. i stopped by the nearest rite aid to get some shampoo and conditioner. i was intrigued by herbal essences' tousle me softly shampoo. a shampoo that gives a tousled look? how would that even work? does it contain hair gel? i bought some and went home to try it out. my hair definitely has more body and waves, but that could just be a fluke. i'll need some more data before i can come to a conclusion.

marco left me some of his leftover broccoli-bacon pasta from last night which i had for dinner. when he came home we watched a few episodes of breaking bad from season 2,2 ending on the danny trejo episode (tortuga, you know the one!).

1 stitch nation which is owned by red heart which itself is a subsidiary of coats & clark, the knitting conglomeration.

2 i had a hard time copying off my old breaking bad episodes from my archive drive. for some reason it kept throwing me copying errors, even though the files seemed fine because i could still play them off the drive. i ended up using an SATA connection (instead of USB), which successfully copied the files, but then later crashed my computer (which is normally the case when i use the SATA).