i heard marco making breakfast in the kitchen around 8:30. when i finally got out of bed around 10:00, he'd already left for work via bike. i was anticipating a mess in the kitchen but everything was spotless.

i got some gas for my motorcycle before arriving in belmont around noontime. i was surprised to find hailey locked outside, barking from the stairs. turns out both my parents were home: my father was in the backyard trimming back the tomatoes and my mother was indoors knitting another hat.

my mother said she'd knit me a hat but i haven't decided on a pattern yet. i saw an absolutely amazing and colorful andean chullo hat but it's beyond my mother's current level of knitting expertise. i love the interplay of colors and patterns.

for lunch i had some eggs, sausages, and potatoes. very delicious, i don't know why i don't cook the same for myself. even if i did, it'd never taste as good. my eggs never come out the way i want. it's easier just to make oatmeal even though i'm pretty tired of it at this point.

my mother didn't join us for dinner, said she could only have one meal a day (that was lunch) as part of her diet regimen. dieting is one thing but starving yourself? at least she has her knitting, which helps keep her mind off of eating.

i returned home around 8:00 with marco still not yet back. he came home an hour later, coming back from target where he bought a beard trimmer because the one that he had was only for european voltage. he cooked up some dinner (steamed broccoli and steaks) and ate in the living room. i'm pleased to report that he left the kitchen in pristine shape.

i brought back a small used moka pot from my parents' place for marco. being used and made from aluminum, it seemed a little corroded and stained on the inside, but he said it was "perfect" (seems to be one of his favorite english words). even though it was the smallest moka pot my parents' had, it was still bigger than the one he normally uses back home in europe. "i guess you'll just have to drink more coffee," i told him.

marco was surprised that for an institution with as much worldwide prestige as MIT, they were still using old lab equipment from the 70's. his coworkers are from all over the world: besides himself (italian) and his friend david (spanish), there was also a german, a turk, a japanese, and a chinese. unfortunately, he noted, there were no girls.

he said it was easy and fast biking to MIT, but coming back at night in the dark felt dangerous since he has no lights on his bike. he finally decided to borrow one of my spare rear blinkers.

i watched the season premiere of two and a half men, more out of curiosity than genuine interest about the show. i also caught 2 broke girls followed by the playboy club. TPC is no mad men, and despite being about playboy bunnies, the show is pretty chaste; i've seen more skin in old episodes of baywatch!

marco went to bed sometime after 11:00, after answering e-mails from friends and family back home asking about his first trip to america.

it was a special episode of conan, with guest nicole scherzinger wearing a cleavage revealing outfit. she caught conan taking a peek at her decolletage and the rest of the interview went off on a booby tangent.