the rain, the temperature drop, none of those had happened yet this morning. it was still a warm slightly overcast day. i ran into cleber who told me he and his crew would be done painting the house by this saturday, which is incredibly fast given that they only started painting on monday. i went to the supermarket to get some frozen strawberries because i ran out of frozen fruit for my smoothies.

nstar came by my place around 1:00 to test for gas leaks (they do this every 3 years). i lead the utility guy to the basement, where he "scanned" the pipes leading to and from the gas meters with a wand tethered to a readout device in his hand. it all seemed very star trekky to me. the procedure took just a minute. afterwards while we were walking out i asked him how many more meters did he have to test. i learned that equipment testing is only a small part of what an nstar utility guy does on any given day; most of the time it's to do repairs.

my mother asked me in the early afternoon if i could go to belmont to dogsit hailey. i tried leaving 3 separate times but each time i was turned back by the onset of rain. times like this i wish i had a car. either that or invest in some rain pants. with one eye on the doppler radar, i was finally able to leave on my 4th try. i went to the cafe first where my mother had some dinner prepared for me before continuing onwards to belmont.

hailey doesn't really need any dogsitting, since she spends most of the day sleeping anyway. if the weather was nice she could go out in the backyard, but with the rain she'd only go out to use the bathroom then run back inside the house. i spent most of the day watching the castle marathon on TNT (apparently the show has gone into syndication).

hailey started bothering me around 5:30 when it came close to her feeding time. after she ate, i heated up my own dinner. i didn't leave until my sister came back home around 7:30, followed soon after by my mother. my father was riding the bike back from the cafe, and we waved as we passed each other on the road. first it was the rain and now it was the cold, with temperature dropping into the 50's. fortunately i was prepared and brought a jacket. the brisk weather is perfect for biking though since i warm up after a few minutes of pedaling.