today was a day of errands.

i checked up on my online prescription drug status again. turns out the mail order place did create my account, just used the wrong name. i had to call them to finally figure it out. i then made another call to the MGH prescription refill line - my 3rd call - and left them a message. i wasn't sure if i was making any difference, but later somebody from MGH finally called me back, confused as to where to send the prescription. hopefully now it's going to get fast-tracked to getting refilled. i've got about 2 more weeks left of HBP meds.

i sent client E another e-mail, asking for a status update on my last remaining check for work i did back in march. 6 months later and i still haven't been fully paid, i was starting to get worried. i wrote them last month but got no reply. at least this time i got a response, said they'd take care of it next week. better than nothing i suppose.

i've been in e-mail communique with potential client J. i've been doing a lot of back-and-forth phone calling and e-mailing on the client's behalf to possibly transfer a website, with no mention of whether or not i'd even get paid for doing all this legwork. like i said, a potential client, doing some web coding, not my usual expertise but i've done it before in the past.

i finally took down my air conditioner. i was reluctant to install it to begin with, so the first chance i got to take it down i did. unfortunately today was a hot and humid day (more summer than fall), but it wasn't bad enough that i'd turn on the AC anyway. even though the weather's been dry for a few days, i guess the recent tropical storm dumped a lot of water into the chassis of the AC and i had to carefully pour some of it out before removing it from the window otherwise i'd make a wet mess inside the house. even then, once outside and ready for the basement, i had to tilt the AC some more to get rid of the last remaining water. afterwards i noticed two bloody gashes on my biceps from where the corners of the AC cut into me while i was carrying it. i've been noticing that a lot recently, i'd get these mysterious cuts on my body without realizing it. this one wasn't so mysterious, but i get them all the time on my hands.

i made an appointment for NSTAR to come by thursday afternoon to do their 3-year gas line checkup. they're like the cable company in that they can't tell me exactly when they'll be here, but gave me a 4 hour window that i have to be home.

i was on my way to the cafe to show my parents my latest mortgage statement (they wanted to see how much more i owe). i stopped by my community garden beforehand, hoping to score some tomatoes. they are a few medium-sized tomatoes but they're still green. i did pick a handle of red cayenne peppers however. leaving the cafe, my mother gave me a container of korean glass noodles for lunch. i was worried as to how i'd take it back home when i realized i had foldable baskets.

i can definitely feel the weight of the baskets, even though it's only 5 more additional pounds. i used to be able to go up the hill of the harvard-smithsonian observatory with ease on the road bike (without even changing the gears), but now there's more of a struggle. i understand now why people would want a lighter bike if their commute involves a lot of hills. riding uphill with a heavy bike is no fun, and it's probably harder than just simply walking. i don't think i'd get rid of those baskets though, they're too useful. one solution is to just have a lighter bike, to compensate for the weight of the baskets.

marco my new roommate got in touch with me today, asked me what subway stop he should get off at to get to my place. i've been slowly cleaning the house since last week. i'm thinking maybe tomorrow i should just do a full day of cleaning to get it out of the way and not have to deal with it the rest of the week. marco told me he was arriving saturday afternoon instead of friday afternoon. i still need to get new pillows and cases.

in the afternoon i went to harvard square to pick up a MBTA charlie card for my new roommate. i passed dennis on his bike. harvard square was crowded, with the farmers' market combined with the influx of students. afterwards i went to market basket to get a loaf of bread and a box of ice cream sandwiches.

checking out the weekly circular, i saw that star market was having a sale on grapes ($1.50/lbs). i went to stock up, plus i had a $2 off coupon on produce. i also got a few boxes of stouffer's frozen lasagnas. normally they're $4.69, but there's a 4/$10 sale. i didn't it it applied to the lasagnas, but it did.

for dinner i heated up one of the bricks of lasagna. i watched the red sox game and saw tim wakefield finally getting his 200th career win. i thought to myself, that must be a lot. there's probably not a lot of people with more than 200 win. not knowing baseball stats, i didn't realize how wrong i was. cy young got 511 career pitching wins! at 45 years old, i'm not sure how many more seasons wakefield can play, but the knuckleball pitches that he throws isn't as demanding on the body, so maybe he's got some more fire in that engine.