i might've probably slept through the entire morning if my mother didn't call me at 11:00 saying that she and my father were going out on a supply run. i woke up with a bit of cramp in my inner thighs, my hamstrings, my triceps, and my shoulders. it's weird that i should have so much upper body soreness; i always thought bicycling was more about the legs. of course my fingers and thumbs still hurt from changing out the front tire.

it took me an hour to get fully awake. i took the trek bicycle to belmont, my gear loaded in the rear baskets. the sky suddenly went grey and i felt a few drops of rain. it wasn't supposed to rain until this evening. a few blocks away the drops became a very light drizzle. not too bad. but the drizzle then became a shower and i thought about either returning home or waiting it out underneath a tree.

that's the gamble when i'm caught in the rain. is it a quick passing storm that i can just wait out? or is this a torrential downpour that would strand me for a while if i took shelter? when the rain escalated into a steady torrent i moved from beneath a tree to hide underneath the awning of a shed at the harvard smithsonian astrophysics center. that turned out to be the proper course of action because less than a minute later the rain suddenly stopped.

i found hailey sleeping in the living room. after i let her out to use the bathroom, she went back to sleep on the couch. when my parents got back home in the afternoon, my mother whipped up some thin noodles with meatballs. while my father went to go take a nap, my mother was busy knitting in the living room, watching some japanese soap opera on her ipad 2.

for dinner we cooked up 2 lobsters. now i can eat lobster, but i can't stand the smell. my father had to peel it for me and put the meat on my plate. even then, only after completely drenching it in a vinegar-sliced ginger dipping sauce can i eat it. i wouldn't go as far as saying i hate lobster, but for me it's kind of a novelty thing and if i never eat another piece of lobster i wouldn't be too bothered by it.

i came home soon after dinner when i checked the doppler radar and saw the rain clouds fast approaching metro boston. i got back home right when i started to hear the rumble of thunder nearby. i even wheeled in the ross road bike which i'd locked outside on the porch. all that hype though and cambridge only got a few drops at best. i was prepared for some torrential downpours. that just meant i could watch the latest episode of breaking bad and still be able to hear it.

i mixed up another batch of no-knead bread dough, per mother's request. maybe it was the high humidity, but using the exact same amounts of ingredients i got a much wetter dough this time (it was much drier the 2 other successful times i've made no-knead bread). fearing i did something wrong, i added a couple of tablespoons of flour to make it drier, but that didn't seem to help. i guess i'll find out tomorrow morning when i try to fold the dough and see if in fact there was too much water (or not enough flour).