thunder woke me up this morning, followed by the patter of falling rain. just my luck, i forgot to cover up my motorcycle. actually, it was covered last night, but i took it off figuring i'd need to use it today and wasn't expecting any rain. the motorcycle needed a good washing anyway. very briefly the rain did lower the temperature, but as soon as it stopped, the heat returned, quickly drying up the streets. today was supposed to be the last day of the heat wave. just one more day to survive. i don't mind the heat so long as it ends. it is summer after all, and summertimes are supposed to be hot.

i was paying the price for yesterday's outing. my shoulders, legs, and upper arms were sunburnt; i quickly realized that when i went to take a shower last night. not bad enough to peel, but still hurts. i did get some color on the pale parts of my body, but the farmer tan has only gotten worse as my forearms became even darker. i didn't think we walked all that far but my legs ached. i haven't been walking all that much these days. when i need to go somewhere it's either the bicycle or the motorcycle. i haven't natured at all this summer, so my leg muscles (at least those used for walking) have atrophied from the lack of hiking.

i went out with a towel and dried the rain off the motorcycle before riding to belmont. there we a few lingering puddles but for the most part the streets wre already dried from the rain that fell just an hour ago.

there wasn't much to do at my parents' place. the garden is on automatic at this stage. the only care is to water the plants but the rain made that unnecessary. i pruned a few suckers off of the tomatoes, checked for bugs and diseases, and called it day for gardening. later my father and i came out and cut down a cucumber and a zucchini, the biggest one of the season so far. it wouldn't surprise me one bit that they can get even bigger. they don't seem to have an off-switch when it comes to size. left on the vine, they'll probably continue growing until the seeds inside mature.

my mother and sister were off on their own little project, knitting some flowers to attach to hailey's collar to make her look friendlier. i had some eggs-sausages-toast for a late lunch. later i fell asleep in the air conditioned bedroom.

after dinner i returned home. i knew my roommate was home from the light in his bedroom. it was 84°F inside the house, but maybe a few degrees hotter in the kitchen where he was cooking. we chatted a little bit, the most we've talked all week. mostly about the heat wave, and whether or not he was disappointed he didn't get the chance to spend his first summer in hotlanta. he told me he was going out to 80's night later. after he was gone i cranked up the AC for a little bit in the living room, before turning it off, taking one last shower and going to bed. it was 83°F in my bedroom. there wasn't any cool spots on the bed, not even underneath the pillows. it took me a while to finally fall asleep.