on the second day of this heatwave i finally installed the air conditioner. i went down to the basement to bring it upstairs, remembering to lift with my legs but heaved with my back anyway. i couldn't just carry it any old way, afraid to accidentally bend the delicate heat fins in the back. once i turned it on, i knew it'd be hard to turn it off. i set it at 78°F and let it run on autocool.

i made myself an egg and prosciutto english muffin sandwich for breakfast along with a smoothie. in the afternoon i left the house to experience the heat firsthand. heat i don't mind, but the humidity was stifling, like you couldn't breathe. i biked to the supermarket to pick up a few more supplies.

i came home and had some flintstone cocoa pebbles cereal for lunch. it's kind of weird that the cereal still exists, since i haven't seen a flintstone cartoon in ages. do kids even know about fred and wilma? you think they'd change the mascot to stay relevant. it's almost like a throwback cereal.

later i made myself a mango lassi. i followed this recipe i found online: yogurt, milk, mango, sugar. it said to blend everything for 2 minutes but i didn't think that was right since it'd make the lassi superfrothy. as i feared, it tasted too airy. next time, not so much blending, and skip the milk. just yogurt, mango and sugar.

later i made another smoothie (fruit juice, frozen fruits, banana) and added a slice of raw ginger for complexity.

one of my early evening pastime is to take photos of neighbors coming home from work. of course i tend to notice the bikers a lot more, of which there seemed to be a lot of. the funny thing is i live on a one way street, and every one of these bikers are riding down the wrong way. bad bikers, bad!

in the evening i had some leftover mexican chicken soup. i went out and put the rain cover over the motorcycle. even though we're not expected to get any rain until next tuesday, i covered the bike anyway because i didn't like it baking in the hot sun (i wasn't going to use it tomorrow either, so might as well cover it up). i couldn't help noticing a cool car parked on the side of the road, a volvo C30. i'd never seen one before. i like it's compact futuristic style, but i don't like that it only has 2 doors. i wonder if it's visiting or belongs to a resident neighbor.