with the temperature rising, i went down to the community garden this morning to do some work. the "use it or lose it" committee is gathering again this weekend, scrutinizing each plot and passing sentence. i wanted to make sure i didn't get flagged once more, or if i did, the violation would be minimal.

the falling mulberry season is pretty much over, i've survived another year. it was bad during the peak, but now all the fallen berries have dried up into a crunchy paste.

i did a lot of weeding and general tiding up of my plot. i wore my all black outfit because i didn't want to dirty my normal clothes in case there were still falling mulberries. by the end of it i was covered in sweat and dirt. i may go to belmont to grab some more marsh grass and lay down another layer of mulch.

when i got back home i heard there was some sort of stuck train situation at porter square so i biked down to check it out. i was hoping to see an emergency triage situation with commuters escaping from the subway tunnels all disoriented and needing emergency medical attention. i saw none of that. there were a few ambulances, and some shuttle buses for services between harvard and alewife, but otherwise it was quiet.

before i left, i saw a blue peugeot mixtie parked nearby. ever since i learned what a mixtie was, i've become obsessed with them. this one particular mixtie i think i've seen before, normally parked along linnaean street. it looks to be a 10-speed with old lever shifters. the bike had no reflectors of any kind. there were scratches on the frame, especially on the forks, and mismatched wheels (gumball, blackwall). it's basically a city beater bike, but i still think it's pretty. what i admire most is the rider painted his/her u-lock blue to match the color of the bike.

the house seemed empty but i wasn't sure so i knocked on bram's door a few times with no answer. he left his underwear again in the bathroom this morning after his shower. that right there pretty much says all there needs to be said about my roommate.

the outdoor temperature would reach the 90's today with a moderate humidity. it was 84°F inside the house, increasing to 86°F by the evening. i'm still not ready to install the air conditioner yet. in the meantime, my cooling off strategy is to take plenty of showers. i wore a white tank top that seemed to convey the right level of summertime fashion. i am however embarrassed by my white shoulders.

i have a backlog of downloaded movies and watched the korean i saw the devil (2010). korean cinema seems to excel in the burgeoning genres of serial killer thrillers and revenge features. this one straddles both. it was hard to watch at times but incredibly suspenseful; at one point i actually had a hand in my face because i couldn't bear to see what would happen next. the plot in a nutshell: a serial killer murders a man's fiancée and he goes out looking for revenge. i'd recommend it if you're jaded with the usual hollywood fare and want to see something different.

i actually went to go take a nap around 6:00. i didn't think i'd be able to fall asleep but it felt surprisingly cool in my bedroom. when i woke up 2 hours later i was covered in sweat. my roommate was already home, making dinner in the kitchen. i waited until he was done before i came out and heated up some spinach ricotta pie to eat. later i noticed he went to bed, but woke up around 9:00 and went out again, i'm assuming to his cafe. he came back after 11:00.