i was still awake in the living room at 3:00 when a comcast van parked right outside my house. a repairman rode his vehicle-mounted crane up to the top of the utility post and did some work. just like that my internet was back to normal. maybe i wasn't the only person complaining. kind of unusual that they should come out in the middle of the night to do a repair. i was about to go to bed but with my internet connection back, i managed to finally download last night's season finale episode of game of thrones. i then watched it until around 4:30, ensuring that my weekend sleep deficit would continue into the new week.

monday morning and my roommate still wasn't back yet. maybe he took the early train from new york and went straight to work? in any case, i figured he'd return sometime today, and i was determined to leave before i saw him.

arriving in belmont around noontime, my father and i were watering plants in the backyard. out of curiosity, he attached an old soaker hose to one of the rain barrels. i didn't think it'd work because the pressure is so low, but beads of water started forming on the surface of the black hose.

even though i already had a bagel this morning, i still had room for more leftover turkey from last night. my father drove my mother to her somerville doctor's appointment in the early afternoon.

i did some work on the ross 10-speed. i added a cable end to the shifter cable i replaced last week. i attached a rear reflector; originally i was going to put it on one of the seat stays, but ended up fastening it to the seat post. i also tried to inflate the rear tire (seemed a little soft) but i couldn't get the pump to work and gave up after 15 minutes.

my father asked me to take out the mower from the garage. since he was late in getting back home, i decided to go ahead and mow the lawn myself. it's not that strenuous and the weather wasn't even that hot but after i finished i was a sweaty mess, covered in mower dust. while moving things around in the backyard to get some clearance, i discovered a dead robin. actually in the garage there was another dead robin, but only the wings remained. is there a serial killer out there targeting robins?

when my father got back, i went with him and my sister to target followed by home depot. at target i was looking for a replacement tire pump but nothing looked good (or good enough to buy instead of searching online). i also checked out the bikes. there was a very good-looking off-white schwinn women's gateway city bike for $220. it had 28" wheels (700c), fenders, rear rack, and 7-speeds. at home depot we got some hose ends for the soaker hose, parts for assembly more rain barrels, and 10 bags of cedar mulch ($3.33 per 2 cubic feet).

i used half 5 bags of cedar mulch to line the pathway behind the raised beds (RB1, RB2, and a bit of RB3 and RB0). we also had 2 leftover bags of red mulch that we added to the area with the 3 rain barrels and space behind RB4 (i prefer the more natural color of the cedar mulch compared to the red mulch).

when i came back home after dinner, i was sure bram would be home by now but the house was empty. i was a little anxious thinking he'd return at any minute but he never did. turns out i could've been in my underwear watching television in the living room had i known he wouldn't be home! bram watch continues.