i ended up finally going to bed at 4:30 last night. not counting the intermittent restless sleep i had on the bus to and from new york, that meant a whole 24 hour period without sleeping. i was still reading in bed when it suddenly hit me. my arms felt like they were weighted down and i could feel myself falling unconscious, like my body was shutting down whether i wanted to or not.

i woke up 6 hours later, around 10:30. my body felt surprisingly fine after a day of wandering new york, no back pains, no feet issues. parts of my arm were a little sore from holding the camera for so long. i also noticed a few pimples on my face, probably from the grease in the fried chicken and french fries.

after a shower i left for belmont via motorcycle. it was a warm day but i brought a jacket just in case. my parents were still home and my mother fixed me a bowl of noodle soup. once they left for costco i was the only one home along with the dog who was sleeping for much of the day. i went through my mermaid parade photos (picked out about 200 good ones, will try to reduce them to less than 100), watched some television, and watered the garden.

for dinner we roasted a small turkey my godmother had left at my parents' cafe a while back. it'd been in the freezer for probably 6 months now. there was a chance it'd already gone bad, but my parents decided to soak it in brine and cook it in the oven anyway. normally we have turkey just once a year during thanksgiving, so it was pretty great having turkey in the middle of june. i ended up eating about 5 servings worth (consumed in handy turkey roll-ups). the other half of the turkey that was leftover my mother gave to my godmother.

i returned to cambridge thinking my roommate would be back from new jersey so i was surprised to find the house empty. in fact, he didn't come back at all. when i saw him friday morning just before he left i should've asked when he was returning. but that sort of information he should've just told me right from the start as a common courtesy, instead of having me work for it.

my internet service started acting up again, intermittently dropping connections with variable bandwidth speed. every once in a while this happens, but it usually just clears up on its own. after about 4 hours, i finally broke down and called comcast. the woman on the phone wasn't too helpful, but she did confirm that i was having signal issues (through remote testing from her end) and booked a technician to come tuesday morning and take a look. this meant i couldn't download the season finale of game of thrones and would have to wait until tomorrow (either my internet will be back to normal or i'll use my parents' fiber-optic internet). it's not too big a deal since i already found out the ending when i finished reading the first book. i'm currently working on number two, next season's spoilers be damned!