i did it again: i slipped out of the house while my roommate was in the showers. i went to the garden to plant some seeds (acorn squash, corn, nasturtiums) as well as to do some weeding.

zucchinis grow big; my one and only has already sprouted 4 leaf stalks. since it doesn't climb, the only thing it really needs is space, and i've given it large area to expand. they seem to be low maintenance, other than routine watering.

yesterday i picked a radish: a little soft, not as spicy. over-ripened? not all radishes grow up to be bulbs; some appear stunted, just a sliver of radish. maybe those i don't pick out of the ground and leave them alone so i can collect the seeds.

i picked the smallest of the rosemaries to grow in my community garden. right now it's 2 stalks and don't seem to be getting any bigger. after a whole summer season of being left undisturbed, i'm hoping that'll change.

the basil and cilantro seeds have germinated. they were mixed with a bunch of weeds which i pulled out. the basils look well, but cilantros have weak stems and appear droopy (i believe that's natural). they're currently too interspersed to put don't any mulch; many after a few more weeks when they grow bigger.

4 pepper plants are doing well. there are signs of pest damage on some of the leaves, but now that the weather is warmer, the plants will manage to outgrow any injuries.

i was surprised to find at least 3 cypress vine seedlings by the wall where i put up the trellis. i pulled out nearby weeds to give them some clearance.

a long time ago i planted some leftover scallion roots in the garden. now they've become a perennial addition, with stems the diameter of quarters and large flowers. they're too tough to eat, i grow them as an ornamental at this point.

i have 2 tomatoes. they sort of anchor the garden since they're (currently) the two biggest plants i have.

i also dug up a stray hydrangea that had crept into my plot from the neighbor's yard. i planned on taking it to belmont to add to the backyard. before i could do that though, i went to market basket to pick up a few grocery items for the cafe and the bank to deposit bram's rent check.

my parents had the day off, but my father was out running cafe errands for much of the day. i had a zongzi for lunch and watered the garden with a hose connected to the rain barrels. later in the early evening (when there was still daylight outside) i helped my father apply some scotts patchmaster to the lawn: it's essentially a mixture of grass seed, fertilizer, and mulch.

i ran into bram as i walked to the house when i got back to cambridge. this is the second time it's happened (the other was this past saturday). we seem to have synchronized return schedules. he went out again later, to grab some dinner at the thai/vietnamese restaurant across the street. he's been here for a week now and he still hasn't bought any groceries, so i think he prefers to eat out (that is, when he's not choking to death on bay leaves). when he came back he said he had the thai chicken soup, since he said he's coming down with a cold.

i'm very loud when i watch my sports. but since my roommate doesn't watch (and seems to lead a very quiet life), i've had to change my viewing style. now when i cheer or swear it's in a whisper. i miss victor. he was a real sports guy. we've still been e-mailing each other with comments about the NBA finals.

game 4 of the NBA finals was tonight. dallas went up 4 points in the final minutes, but could they hold off miami with just 2 minutes left in the game? it was pretty close but the mavericks won the game eventually. i'm going to bed with a smile on my face!