my job for the day was to get the house ready for my next roommate arriving later tonight. it wasn't too much work, just a little tidying up here and there. so when i went into the guest bedroom to make the bed, imagine my horror when i unfurled the folded sheets to find them stained with god know's what. maybe victor was so keen to wash them not to do me a favor but to hide the incriminating evidence. i stain-stick the hell out of the bed sheet and the pillow cases and threw them into the washer, the outcome would decide whether i need to go out and buy new linens.

the stains came out but the cheap pillow cases (60% cotton 40% polyester) now had stain-stick stains that wouldn't wash out even after another cycle in the washer. i solved the problem by swapping them out with a pair of my own pillow cases.

i did at least 4 loads of laundry, ending up washing my own clothes as well as my bedsheets. also the comforter cover wasn't laundered properly (splotches of white detergent stains) so i ended up washing that as well.

in between stretches of cleaning i took breaks to watch movies on my computer. by the end of the day i vacuumed, decluttered, thrown out the trash and the recyclables, put away the dishes, moved the babyseat to the basement, mailed my motorcycle insurance forms, a bit of backyard weeding, organized the fridge and cupboard (got rid of a few jars of ancient condiments), and scrubbed the fish tanks before a water change.

wayne from the community garden called me in the early evening. he basically told me he wasn't going to put back the path and that i should just go around from the other side. he legitimized his actions because he said he originally had a double plot, so basically he's just reclaiming what was his to begin with. his double plot comes from the fact that nobody wants to be underneath the mulberry tree, but if anyone should get a double plot it should be me because i'm right next to the mulberry while wayne is further away. i could complain to the garden coordinator, but i'll check out his "adjustments" tomorrow and see if i can live with it. it's not a big deal, i hardly use my community garden plot anyway.

bram finally arrived close to 9:00. i heard the wheels of his suitcase before i even saw him. he reminded me of a bearded robin williams. he flew in from atlanta in the late afternoon. after he settled in, he went back out wearing his backpack, returning to some favorite old haunts (like diesel in davis square; he lived in somerville for a while).

game 1 of the NBA finals between the dallas mavericks and miami heat started tonight. i'm of course rooting for dallas, since i don't think miami deserves to win. i thought the mavericks had a chance but the heat regained the lead in the end and never gave it back. dallas can only win if their offense is on fire, since they're not known for their defense.