now that i'm alone, i sleep with my bedroom door open, the better to hear intruders or fires (or intruders on fire, you never know). plus, with the weather getting warmer (it was in the mid-70's last night), it helps with the air circulation. i haven't slept with the windows open yet. i may not be able to if the pollen level remains high throughout the season.

after some oatmeal for breakfast and a shower, i biked to the library to return those "museum" passes. i cut through harvard square (graduation day was today) and made a pitstop at the cafe before going to the mt.auburn hospital to pick up some medical results for my physical at mass general hospital tomorrow. the woman at the reception desk told me the records department was in the basement; she failed to mention that it was in the sub-basement (why are records always stored underground? must be a reason). it took me a while to find it. the woman at the desk was very helpful and printed out my files for free after checking my id.

coming back, i stopped again at the cafe to pick up some dinner. i showered again (it was a hot day with the temperature around the 80's, i was drenched in sweat), then called my health insurance to figure out how to get my prescription through the mail. i also got a new progressive quote for my condo insurance. i must've done something wrong because $1600 was the figure when i normally just pay $600 annually. maybe i'm not getting a bad deal after all and don't need to switch.

i walked down to harvard square in the afternoon (snacking on some homemade bread) hoping to see something interesting. i wanted to see the sea of graduates but i got there too late (commencement was earlier this morning, i watched a bit on the harvard website). the place was still crowded with people though. i went all the way down to the charles river and came back. i should've worn more sensible shoes because my feet were killing me.

i ran into ed on my way home. we chatted for a long time. he was having a yard sale this weekend (to pick up some extra cash), hoping to capitalize on the influx of people in town for the graduation. i told him i was in the market for a road bike, so he showed me some of his bicycles for sale, under a tarp chained together with a thick steel cable. the price was right (just $75 each) but they were too tall for me (21" frames).

it took less than 2 days for the house to get cluttered: mail left on foyer floor; dirty clothes on the sofa chair; items strewn all over the coffee table; kitchen counter crowded with cooking ingredients; sink stacked with dirty dishes. one unintended side effect of having a roommate is i keep the house very clean, to set a good example. once the roommate leaves however, all pretenses are abandoned and the house reverts back to a mess.

for dinner i had the leftover i picked up this morning, some chicken with rice.

tonight was game 5 between the heat-bulls. it was do-or-die for chicago, down 1-3 on the brink of elimination. i really thought the bulls would win it, but the heat went on a 16-2 run in the final minutes (flying 3-pointers, and even a 4-pointer by wade) and basically wrestled victory away from chicago.