not much went on today, especially since the weather reverted back to the cold and overcast. poor plants! so much for that sun. and here i was hopeful that this would be a good growing season now that we've made our raised bed conversions (and using harvested rain to water). i did take my father on a tour of the backyard, pointing out some new improvements and what else needs to get fixed.

i gave my parents back their photos, now all properly corrected of their creation dates. i then began transferring their vacation photos onto the ipad. it was going to take forever with 7000+ photos so i opted just to copy over a single day (about 600 photos), to see how it'd look. even that took a long time because itunes has to optimize the photos first (scaling them to a smaller size) before copying them over. plus it archives the optimized versions (for backup purposes), so it eats up a check of hard drive storage space on the laptop. i would've done it on my macbook pro (which might've been faster) but i only have a few gigabytes left.

my mother didn't see the point of putting all 7000+ photos onto the ipad, until she got a chance to use it. even with a single day sampling, it's a great way to browse photos. she told me to put the rest of them into the ipad.

my parents were still groggy from their trip but at least they woke up this morning, only to fall back asleep in the afternoon. for dinner we went with the easy option, got some domino's takeout. the thin crust pizzas seemed more lacking than usual, it'll be a while before we get pizza again.

when i got back home, the house was filled with the smell of deep fry cooking. i bit my lip and tried my best to ignore it; victor will be gone in less than 48 hours, and i'll have a week to air out the house and degrease the kitchen. "i see you're cooking up all your foods before you go," i joked as i walked by him eating in the kitchen, into my oily bedroom.

game 3 between the heat and the bulls was won by miami. even though bosh is still the weak link of the miami power trio, he managed to score a game high. miami, who's not known for their defense, stifled the defense-minded chicago. a part of me does wish for the heat to reach the finals, only to be thoroughly defeated by the mavericks, since it'll hurt more to be so close and then lose it.