i went to sleep late last night, fighting with a leaky tub faucet. i went down to the basement to turn off the water, then came back up to take apart the faucet. i must not have put everything back together right, because when i turned it back on, i couldn't close it, and had to quickly rush down in the basement and turn off the water a second time. i ended up spending an hour doing some late night plumbing.

i was eager to wake up this morning, anxious to get to work, which is weird because normally i'm quite the opposite. the same can't be said for my roommate, who didn't leave for the office until after noontime. i made more progress than originally anticipated and ended up finishing everything by the early afternoon. there was a brief moment of panic when i ported everything onto the PC to test and realized the quicktime video wasn't working. the problem was finally resolved when i updated quicktime to the latest version.

suddenly with all this free time on my hands i decided to pay a visit to the community garden so i could plant my rosemary. i arrived armed with my cultivating claw tool, ready to dig through some garden soil. there was nobody in the garden, but two old ladies showed up sometime later, one a gardener, another just a vagrant with a push cart who parked herself on a bench to do some reading.

all my transplants from 2 days ago were still alive to my surprise. we had some super windy weather recently but no stems were snapped. occasionally animals (skunks, cats, raccoons) will come into the community garden trampling over young seedlings (animals just don't care) but that didn't happen either.

radish seedlings have emerged, 5 days after i planted them. there are also things that look like cilantro seedlings but are probably parsley, growing wild in my garden. finally, i planted the rosemary next to the 3 hot peppers at the southern end of my plot.

this was day basically just a long wait until 7:00, game 5 between boston and miami. celtics led for much of the game just like in game 4; unfortunately, just like in game 4, the heat pulled ahead in the final few minutes and never relinquished their lead, ending the celtics' season. looks like i'm rooting for the dallas mavericks!

i finally had dinner afterwards, just some ramen.