i went to rite aid this morning to pick up my prescription. i also stocked up on some chocolate (leftover easter eggs are still on sale) and bought some cheap gardening tools (a transplanter and a cultivator, 99¢ each). finally, a stop at market basket to replenish some groceries.

coming back along beacon street, i noticed something was off: where was those tall paulownia trees? that's when i realized they'd been chopped down. why? those were my favorite spring-flowering trees, with its unique flowers and signature scent. now all i'll have are the photos i took from seasons past.

after lunch (egg and smoked turkey on english muffin) i took the motorcycle to union square to get it inspected. i stopped by the mass ave rite aid to check for the straw hat my mother said was on sale (they didn't have it). my last stop was at the community garden to check up on my plot.

there's been some changes since my last visit. for one thing, the large pine tree that used to at the front of the community garden had been pruned down to just a tree trunk (what's with all this rampant tree destruction?). they pruned the mulberry tree as well, but most of the remaining branches are still directly above my plot. i found my own garden covered in weeds: ground ivy, mint, and even a large dandelion. armed with a spade and a rack, i went to work digging up the weeds and tilling the soil.

i seem to grow the same 3 things every year: tomatoes, hot peppers, and basil. and a single returning rosemary that i uproot and bring inside during the winter. i also plant a few morning glories along the wall and sprinkle a few sunflowers. this year i'm thinking about adding a squash plant, and possibly some corn. i plan to mulch my plot with marsh grass, so it won't be add weedy as years' past.

when i came back home around 2:30, victor was already home. can you guess the reason? to watch a football game of course! real madrid ended up getting eliminated from the champions tourney by barcelona.

maybe it was because i've been outside so much today, but i suddenly came down with major allergy symptoms. so i took a benadryl, and then proceded to get sleepier and sleepier as the hours wore on. if i was living alone i would've just slept on the couch, but i didn't want my roommates to find me unconscious in the living room, possibly snoring.

having two roommates makes me better appreciate having just one; having just one roommate makes me appreciate when i have none. i found those statements no more true than tonight. i feel like i've been gritting my teeth for the past month, endearing this spanish siege in my own house. finally the girlfriend is leaving tomorrow. unfortunately it's a 6:30 flight, so she'll still be here for most of the day.

i almost lost it tonight when i was in the kitchen about to cook some biryani for dinner. the stove top was oil splattered, sprays as far as the nearby countertop. no effort to clean up the mess. in the recycle bin, a carton of empty häagen-dazs with ice cream still dripping. and the pièce de rèésistance, my frying pan scratched to within a fraction of being scrap metal. they were both in the guest bedroom and could see me wiping the oil off the stove with paper towels. so what did they do? they closed the door so they wouldn't have to watch! i almost exploded but realized it was pointless. this shit's been going on for a month, i just didn't want to see it until tonight.

roommates like these (it should be roommate singular) makes me not want to have roommates ever. i don't know why i even bother when all it does is makes me stressed and angry. it's not out of the goodness of my heart that i offer homes to foreign astrophysicists while they're researching here in cambridge. i do it for purely economic reasons. when i have a good roommate i don't mind, but when i get a bad one, i feel like i should charge extra, kind of like an asshole-tax. at the very least enough money to buy new pots and pans to replace the ones that will inevitably get scratched up.

i just have to tell myself that in less than 24 hours, i'll be down to one roommate. and in 3 weeks, down to none.

but only for a few hours, because i have another one moving in on the same day.