victor came home early from the office around 11:00 and promptly got in a fight with his girlfriend. i only got bits and pieces because they were speaking in spanish but the gist of the argument was this: he wasn't supposed to come home until the afternoon, and his girlfriend needed more time ("más tiempo") to finish her work before their big weekend trip to new york city. besides the loud talking there was also a bit of angry door slamming. i don't need this drama! my biggest fear was they'd cancel their trip, thereby ruining my plans to celebrate the next 5 days roommate free. thankfully, they seemed to patch up their differences and left the house a bit after noontime with a small piece of luggage in tow.

the construction across the street continues. a big cement mixing truck arrived today. once again, the contractors rang my doorbell to ask me if that car which was blocking an optimal parking spot they wanted to move their construction equipment belonged to me. i tried to explain i don't own a car but once they realized i couldn't help them they were quick to move on to the next doorbell.

in the afternoon i biked to union square to deposit some cash and a check before going to the dollar store to pick up a few things (kleenex, cleaning brush, bathroom cleaner, shoelaces, dishwashing fluid). the ladies at the bank took turns passing my debit card around because the numbers were all faded. i told them it was because i put it through the washer then the dryer.

having the house to myself again (not even my upstairs neighbors were home this weekend) meant not having to clean up. suddenly there were jackets and socks strewn about the living room, as well as dirty dishes and empty cans on the coffee table. it basically means not having to be considerate, a most gratifying form of freedom.

in the evening (around 8:00) i biked to market basket to get some pita bread for my sister tomorrow. it's actually not a bad time to grocery shop since there wasn't as many people as during the day. of course i didn't recognize any of the workers there, unlike the daytime crew, whom i know by sight.

i bought a small rotisserie chicken ($3.99) for dinner. i ate half, saving the rest to make broth for some rice noodles at some later date. after i finished watching the latest episode of fringe, i took a hot bath. i was reading the latest issue of smithsonian magazine. i got out when the bathroom filled with steam and the magazine was soggy from the moisture. job well done!

i put up the last of the mylar panels for my grow closet a few days again. now the light is reflected back on all four sides. things seem to be growing fine. i still have to thin the peppers and the basils as well once they get a little bigger.