i finally shipped off frances' package. with wobbly wheels i biked to the porter square post office with parcel in tow. there was about 8 people already in line when i got there. figuring it'd be 3 minutes per person, that means a 24 minute wait. i didn't mind, i didn't have anything else going on today anyway. after filling out the strangely unfamiliar customs form, i waited in line. when it finally got to me, i found out i used the wrong customs form (that's why it seemed different). i still managed to send off my passport renewal packet before getting out of line and filling out the proper form.when i went to get back in line, the clerk saw me and told me to come up front. i felt a little embarrassed and purposely didn't make eye contact with anyone in line because i didn't want to feel their scorn. an approximately 14 lbs. shipment bound for norway costs about $70, in case you were curious. seems a little pricey, but frances tells me its worth it since she often buys things she can't get in oslo.

inspired by victor's full shave on monday, i shaved a bit myself, reverting from the full beard to the goatee. 2 things i noticed right away: my face looked fat and it got really dry really quick. i applied some moisturizer to maintain this youthful complexion.

yesterday i bought a package of 40 16 oz. plastic cups to be converted into potting containers for my seedlings. but i have so many used containers from seasons past that i may not need them after all. some were from my parents' place which i brought back last night, some were in my closet, and some where in the basement. after cleaning them up, i think i have about 60-80 containers, more than enough for indoor gardening. i may hold off starting any plants that can be grown outside, like the morning glories and the nasturtiums. i think i'm just going to plant tomatoes, peppers, and cucumbers, plants that specifically require indoor sowing. i may stop by the somerville home depot to pick up a few more seeds.

i tied a plastic bag filled with vinegar to the shower head in order to remove the hard water deposits that have formed on it. i let it soak for a few hours before coming back and seeing that most of the vinegar had disappeared. the bag wasn't leaking, so the vinegar must've been drawn into the nozzles of the shower head. i removed the bag and ran the shower to clear out the vinegar. what came out was this bluish green water that became clear after a minute. the vinegar removed some deposit, but there's still plenty more crusted on the inside. i don't think i can it completely unless i the shower head off and give it a good scrubbing with a brush. but how was the water pressure? i think the problem has less to do with the shower head than the hot water input knob down in the basement. there seemed to be a stronger spray though, but i can't be sure if it's not just my imagination.

i finally set up my grow closet. i believe this is the 4th year, not including that one season hiatus where i grew my seedlings in the basement of the cafe. first i cleaned out the closet, leaving 2 rows empty. that meant moving a lot of stuff into my bedroom (normally all that stuff would just go into the unoccupied guest bedroom). i then went to the basement and brought up the shop lights. i thought i had 4 banks but i only have 3. that means one shelf will only be illuminated by a single shop light.

i didn't feel like planting today; besides, i don't have all my seeds yet.

i had my leftover pork chop rice for dinner. victor came home late for a change, 9:30 (he left this morning around 9:30 before i came out of my room).