i went to the cafe around noontime to pick up some leftover food my mother made for lunch. it was getting warmer, with temperature peaking at 63°F. along the way i spotted people wearing green in honor st.patrick's day. it brought back memories of youth when the irish mobocracy would pinch you for not wearing the right color.

sometime after lunch i began to have this sick feeling in my gut, like when i eat a spicy meal. i prepared for the worse, figuring this would end in one of two exits. my stomach was growling something fierce and i was a walking gas machine. strangely, not much happened besides the cramps. after a shower, i laid in bed and read my kindle and fell asleep for half an hour. i felt a little better after that.

my blue cross agent contacted me today. she told me blue cross paid MGH just last friday, but it might take a little while for MGH to process the payment and then to get in touch with the collection agency. she told me if the collection agent calls me again, that i should give him her contact information and she'll sort out this mess for me. so helpful!

it's been almost a month since i last cleaned the fish tanks. this time around i didn't clean out the filter; i just scrubbed the algae off the glass and changed the water.

victor came back right when i was cleaning, at 5:00, which seemed early, given the fact that he already came home early yesterday at 3:00 to watch the soccer game. he's been here exactly one month and he still doesn't have a fixed schedule. he goes to work anywhere between 9:00 to 11:00, and can come back anytime from 3:00 to 10:00. he did spent a good amount of time in the evening on the rarely-used dining table pouring over papers and doing something serious-looking on his laptop.

i might make an early night of it, give my stomach some more time to get over my indigestion.