this morning i was going to show victor how to use the washing machine and give him the spare bicycle but he was in his room skyping with people back home in spain. i had some breakfast then brought out the bike from the basement. i inflated the tires, oiled the chain and adjusted the brakes. the rear wheel is a bit wobbly, but i didn't have the correct size wrench to adjust the cone. i couldn't wait anymore and finally left around 1:00 after knocking on victor's door with instructions about the bike outside.

it was a warm day with temperature in the 40's. throughout the rest of the week, the local daytime temperature will be above freezing, so the weather is definitely feeling more spring-like.

there wasn't much to do in belmont: play with the dog, surf the web, watch some HDTV. i didn't even bother going into the backyard because i didn't want to get mud all over my shoes.

before dinner my father and i made a quick trip to home depot to get a new kitchen fluorescent bulb (above the sink) and a replacement starter. before we left we admired some of the new LED light bulbs, although none were on display to see them in action.

it was a bit unusual but coming home the weather was actually warmer than it was this morning. i parked the bicycle outside since i'd use it again tomorrow victor was still in his room skyping (i think with his girlfriend). the house had an oily smelly from whatever he made for dinner. i took a shower late in the evening and finally saw my roommate. i asked if he went riding today; he said he just took a walk, but did check out the bike. we ended up watching the bourne ultimatum until 1:30.